Jupiter fun facts & hypothesis

-it takes a drone that will land on Jupiter 15 min to melt because of the bad atmosphere

-jupiters named after the king of the gods

Sites used http://theplanets.org.nerdydata.com/... http://mrnussbaum.com.nerdydata.com/

Hypotheses about jupiters atmosphere

-most of jupiters atmosphere are made up of noble gases which are essentially solar

-water vapor is a key ingredient in the atmospheric pressure

-they're are very few clouds on the dark side and a lot of clouds on the light side whichever side that might be. Sited. http://www.mrc.uidaho.edu/entryws/presentations/Papers/atreya03-multiprobe1.pdf

Is Jupiter really a planet?

What is it really made of?

How long would it take you to get there and back?