Biology Course Update


In This Issue ...

Please Check Your Grades!

All Grades have been updated as of the 3/10/16 Due Date.

I am still working through late work; please allow 3 full *school* days for me to grade work.

It is the responsibility of the student to review their grades and notify me if there are any issues in a timely manner.

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Please Check the Files You Submit to the Dropbox for (1) Correct File Type and (2) Correct File

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Grading Policies

Items submitted will be graded within 3 days after you submit the file. Please note that these are school days (M-F.) If this will take longer, I will post a note in the course to let you know.

Right now, there are so many assignments coming in on the due dates, rather than the week or so prior, that it is difficult for me to make a fast turnaround on dropbox assignments. Please be patient as I try to grade effectively and in the order you submitted your files.

If you want to verify you have submitted your assignments, you can do this by reading the following document; this is much faster than emailing me.
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Student Code of Conduct

Remember that ALL student work is expected to be original.
This applies to students who are taking a course for the first time.
This applies to students who are retaking a course for a second time.
Work should be original EVERY semester.

* If you use ANY other sources, you must cite them. Failure to do so is plagiarism.
* Do not reuse work from a previous class or semester and submit as current work.
* Do not copy and paste from websites without proper MLA citations & works cited page.
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1. You must submit new work for a course, even if you have taken the course before. Do not reuse old work.
2. Do not copy and paste without citing your sources in MLA format.
3. Ask me if you have questions about this policy.