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Professional Development Update

Issue 2 - Restorative Practices

Welcome to issue two of the Duncanrig Secondary Professional Development Update. Now that most of us have been through the Restorative Practice training - some still to go, I know - it seems a good time to share some further thoughts and reading on the subject. Included again are a video clip and a couple of interesting articles. Restorative Approaches are a range of practices used to manage behaviour in schools. They range from informal Restorative Conversations and Restorative Enquiry through to Restorative Mediation, Mini-Conferences and full Restorative Conferences.
Restorative Approaches In Action

Restorative Practices

The term ‘Restorative Practices’ is used in education to mean:

• restoring good relationships when there has been conflict or harm;

• developing school ethos, policies and procedures that reduce the possibilities of such conflict and harm.

Experience has shown that Restorative Approaches provide a useful and effective short to medium term way of responding to incidents in schools, and that regular use of these approaches helps to develop pupils’ understanding of the consequences of problematic behaviour and to reduce its frequency and severity.

Next Issue

Issue three will deal with the tricky topic of Starter Activities. Why do we need them and why are they important? Agree or disagree? Send me your thoughts or any useful tips you can pass on.

Credits and Sharing

Edited by Kenny Pieper, English Teacher at Duncanrig Secondary School in East Kilbride, Scotland. Articles sourced via Twitter and reproduced with permission of the authors.