St. Patricks Day & Global Marketing

Essey Abebe


St. Patrick's Day is a holiday observed annually on March 17th. The holiday originated as a day celebrating Saint Patrick, credited to bringing Christianity to Ireland. His legend lived on following his death, and the Irish people began recognizing his death date (March 17th) as a holiday.

St. Patrick's Day became a holiday around the 9th and 10th centuries, originating in (obviously) Ireland. One million people celebrate the day in the Dublin parade, and many million more observe the holiday around the world, specifically in North America.


  • St. Patrick was actually British by birth!
  • It originated as a strictly religious holiday, but now consists of more liberal celebrations.
  • There are no female Leprechauns in Irish folklore.
  • The original color associated with St. Patrick was blue, not green.


How do countries celebrate St. Patrick's Day?


  • In America, major cities like Boston, Chicago, and New York celebrate St, Patrick's Day with immense parades.
  • Some cities light venues and buildings in green to celebrate the day.
  • There are many minor celebrations throughout the country that include St, Patrick's/green-themed events.
  • In America, restaurants and bars have booming service levels on the holiday. Sales and the economy are boosted through the promotions of St. Patrick's themed activities and objects.


  • As the birthplace of the holiday, Ireland goes big on the holiday.
  • From March 14th to the 17th, there are several parades, carnivals, film festivals, and other hosts of entertainment in the nation.
  • The day celebrates Irish culture and tradition, as well as the original motives of the holiday.
  • Ireland incorproate immense funding to oversee the well-being of all of their parades and festive activities. Furthermore, the day is big on individual spenidng, as people will party and enjoy themselves "out on the town" style.


  • Japan celebrates St. Patrick's Day? Of course!
  • The nation will celebrate its 21st celebration this year, with a two-hour parade at Omotesando Hills.
  • There are over 50,000 visitors to this event.
  • St. Patrick's day does not have a major, significant impact on the Japanese economy, as it is not a major Eastern holiday as it is in the West.


  • Areas in Great Britain have great ties to Irish culture.
  • Close-by to the birthplace of the holiday in Ireland, and the actual birthplace of the Saint himself, Britain holds several parades and festive activities throughout the area.
  • Areas like Liverpool and London have long-standing celebrations with great music and cultural events.
  • With major celebrations all over England and Scotland, Britain overall experiences a surplus in civilian spending, much in the same way that America does.


  • Argentina is another nation that you wouldn't expect to celebrate, but do so emphatically.
  • In Buenos Aires, more than 50,000 people celebrate the day every year.
  • Around 10 blocks of the city are closed off for the green day to be celebrated.
  • Parades and other large celebrations are also present in San Martin and Plaza Irlanda.
  • People in major cities of Argentina are major celebrators, and, in turn, go big on spending to have celebratory fun.


PRODUCT: A green-tinted, mint-flavored milk shake, offered seasonally by the McDonald's corporation.

PRICE: The Shamrock Shake costs just as much as other McDonald's milkshakes, around $3.00, depending on the size of the shape purchased.

PEOPLE: Fast-food eaters, teenagers, families, people who regularly go to McDonald's who may see the shake and spend a little extra on it.

PLACE: Most McDonald's restaurants across the United States.

PROMOTION: Ads are present in the form of online ads, TV commercials, and posters within the actual McDonald's facilities. Moreover, the "Limited Time Only!" expression promotes customers to try the shake while there's still time to.

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