Park Shin Hye

by Percilla <3

Park Shin Hye

This month Park Shin Hye’s agency said, “ Park Shin Hye has been offered a role for 'Doctors'” .This quote shows she is currently considering drama. Park Shin Hye is a famous actress around the world. Park Shin Hye is becoming in the world most people know her. Park Shin Hye has interesting life and talented.

As a good actress, Park Shin Hye is also beautiful. Her fans are happy to know

about her and her family. In her family, she has a mother, a father, and an older brother.. (Shinhye). Also, “Park Shin Hye was born on February 18th,1990.’’(Asianwiki). However, knowing about Park Shin Hye is wonderful because her fans are closer knowing about her and her family. In this, we can see that Park Shin Hye is talented, and as a fan knowing her life is wonderful.

Park Shin Hye is a good dancer and singer, so her fans love it. She has a lot of gift One of them “... is dancing (Shinhye). Secondly, She is a singer and her voice is wonderful. (Shinhye). Park Shin Hye is singer, so her fans are joyful with her. Still we can see that Park Shin Hye has skill. When her fans know that she is a great dancer or singer, they always cheer for her.

She acts very well. She is a dramatic actress and her fans love it. In fact, She got 2015 51st Paek Sung Arts Awards: IQiyi star. Finally,Park Shin Hye found herself in another hit title’’(Asiwili). Park Shin Hye is doing really great job and as fans surprise her. Well it’s great that she got hit title for drama and she will try her best. As fans we always love her and cheer her.

Park Shin Hye is famous an actress. She has talent, there are singer and dancer. She has lovely family. Because it’s was really interesting and want to know her as a fan more than just watch in tv, so that’s great. She will performance “ Doctors’’’ a new drama this month,mean she will continue every year about her drama.