Welcome to Welcome Week!

It's Going To Be Epic! No Really, It Is.

Get Ready for Some Fun!

The Campus Activities Board invites you to spend your first weekend at Naz with us doing all kinds of cool things! What kind of cool things you ask? Well, how about events like a Foam Party, mac and cheese Macarollin Food Truck, an outdoor Live @ Naz performance, ziplining, a ziptrip to Cedar Point, and much much more?! Are you excited? You should be! We can't wait to spend this awesome week with you all! Let us be your family at your home away from home.

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Welcome Week

Wednesday, Aug. 28th 2013 at 12am to Monday, Sep. 2nd 2013 at 12am

4245 East Avenue

Rochester, NY

Welcome Week is brought to you by:

Campus Activities Board

Undergraduate Activities

Student Activities

The Agenda!

Wednesday August 28th:
7 PM - 9 PM Capture the Flag
(Natapow Quad, Clocktower)

Thursday August 29th:
2 PM-6PM Zipline
(Natapow Quad, Clocktower)

Friday August 30th:
College Colors Day!
4:30 PM T-Shirt Swap
Bring us a t-shirt from another college, in good condition and we’ll swap you for a brand new, limited edition Spirit of Naz t-shirt!
(Reading Lounge)
8 PM - 11PM Foam Party
(George Lawn)

Saturday August 31st: Zip Trip to Cedar Point
Check your e-mail for details about when and where to purchase your ticket!
7 PM - 9 PM Live @ Naz Performance featruing, Funknut
Gourmet macaroni and cheese will be
provided by Macarollin Food Truck!
(George Lawn)

Sunday September 1st:
9:30 PM Outdoor Movie Night- Now You See Me
(George Lawn)

Monday September 2nd:
4 PM - 7PM Kickball Tournament
Dinner Will be Served starting at 4:45
(George Lawn)

Who Is the Camous Activities Board You Ask?

Stephanie Adams- VP of Campus Programming
Paige Culver- Spirit of Naz
Victoria Lucido- Off Campus Events
Abbey Notter- Night Life
Ahren Henby- Live @ Naz
Patrick Meagher- Major Events
David Russell- PR and Recruitment