Volcanic Eruption

Pay10 Chamberlain

Volcanic Eruption

A volcanic eruption is where the magma rises and gathers in the magma chamber. The magma pushes through the Earth's surface. The magma shoots through the surface. The magma that erupted is now called lava. This hardens into rock. This affects lots of objects in a biome.
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What's Going To Be Left?

When the volcano erupts all of the magma will turn into rock.This will cover all pre-existing ecosystem, habitats and micro-habitats. Now there is just rock and no living ecosystem left. There is no living organisms now in this area.
Volcano eruption filmed in timelapse


The habitats are going to be ruined. The habitats are where animals live. When the volcano erupts all of the habitats gets crushed and covered. Now animals don't have there home. Animals will either migrate, adapt or die. Most likely all of the will die, because of all lava covering the animals without any food, water or air.


After the volcanic eruption most animals will die, migrate or die, this will cause the biodiversity to go decrease. The biodiversity will decrease because the types of animal will M.A.D. The sustainability will also decrease with the biodiversity.

Food Webs

The food webs will decrease because the animal and the producers will decrease. Animals will migrate, adapt to new conditions or die. The primary, secondary, tertiary will decrease because of the eruption. The food web would slowly decrease because most of the other animals would die or migrate.

Postive Effect

The lava and ash deposited during an eruption breaks down to provide valuable nutrients for the soil. This creates very fertile soil, which is very good for the environment. This makes the producers increase therefore more food for herbivores and omnivores.

NegatIve Effect

Mud and ash from a volcano eruption mix with rain water or fast moving mudflows, lathers are created. Lathers are fast moving mud and water that look and act like wet concrete. This damages many things; habitats, peoples house and ecosystems.

Negative Effect

Lava and water aren't the best things to combine. Any basaltic lava and water can be highly explosive. Fragments from the lava go into airborne particles The water is now not safe, for anyone to drink.

Postive Effect

After the volcano erupts the water and magma work together to create new land. On the main island of Hawaii lava flows into the ocean where it is cooled creating more land mass.

Negative Effect

When a volcanic erupts some ash/dust particles can block out the sunlight. This reduces the solar radiation and lowering the global temperatures will decrease.

Positive Effect

When the volcano erupts it causes lots of rain, lighting, and thunders due to the ash partials in the atmosphere. This gives lots of water to the ecosystem.