Tonkawa Tribe

By Paul Claffey

Coastal Region

The Tonkawa Tribe lived in the Coastal Region over by the Caprock Escarpment this is located by the Gulf Of Mexico.


The Tonkawas ate Deer, Bison, Fruits, Nuts, and Roots as their main source of food.

How it was obtained?

The tonkawas were very big hunters and gathers. The kept their food in storage baskets and cabinets.

What type of shelter did they have?

For shelter the Tonkawas lived in teepees which could be quickly assembled and quickly taken down. The reason for this is to assure that incase of an attack that they could flee their village.

What weapons and tools they used?

Bows and Arrows were used to kill from short to long range.

Hide Armour was used from bison wool to protect their bodies.

War clubs and Knives were used to hunt animals,cut their food,and fight battles.


The Tonkawa Tribe believed in the Native American Church with Mixed Traditional and Protestant beliefs.


The Leadership of the Tonkawa Tribe maintains a Chamber of Commerce that is setup to seek out and to train for voluntary responsibility over the tribe.

Where they live now?

The Tonkawa Tribe was moved to Oklahoma by the Texas government because their reserve in the Coastal Region was discontinued.

A Fun Fact

The Tonkawa Tribe tells exotic, weird ,and disturbing fairy tales. As of today the stories continue on to the generations to come so they never forget where they came from.