K-C Weekly News

December 18, 2015

What you really need to know

As the year draws to a close I realize, once again, how lucky I am to have this really enjoyable job with a totally fantastic group of students and families, and license to recklessly use as many superlatives as I want. Even on those two-coffee mornings when it's just plain hard to get up and go, your children make it not only worthwhile, but also frequently inspirational and ridiculously fun. So, thank you for raising them to be who they are and for sharing them with me.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks and best wishes to you and yours for a really wonderful new year.

Mark your calendar.

12/22 - Welcome to Winter Craft Day in Kindergarten

12/24/15-1/3/16 Winter Break

1/4/16 - School resumes

1/13 - Early release day at 12:15

1/18 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - NO SCHOOL

1/19 - Delayed opening - NO AM KINDERGARTEN, PM KASE in session

What we've been up to.

  • We expertly decorated foot-long candy canes with ABC and ABCD patterns. Then we hung them on the wall head to tail and measured how many candy canes tall each of is. Then we invited our third grade reading buddies to measure themselves too! the following day, we used miniature 3-inch candy canes to measure smaller scale objects around the classroom.
  • As participants in the national HOUR of CODE initiative, we enjoyed a visit with our technology teacher, Mrs. Martell, who taught us how to use CODE using simple commands to steer robot-bugs around a map, an alphabet chart and a number line.
  • We met a little stuffed toy gingerbread man who we welcomed to our class by tossing him around the group as the "ball" for a morning greeting. At one point he was expertly flipped in the air, his little shorts flew off, and he miraculously snagged himself on a pushpin on the bulletin board and just hung there helplessly. Needless to say, learning was suspended for ten minutes while we all laughed ourselves silly.
  • Our question of the day this week has focused on letter and sound fluency. Students are challenged to read a group of letters and make their sounds in quick succession.
  • We read How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss and talked about what's really important to celebrate during the holidays, even if a green guy doesn't come and steal all your presents.
  • In writing, we are learning to put spaces in between our words. We use spacemen as placeholders so our words aren't all bunched up.

Links of the week.

Interested in coding at home? Try this!


Winter is coming! Get these kids ready for recess!


Build very cool pictures with shapes! Just click and drag on the colored shapes to make an original work of art.


Because the new Grinch can't compare to the classic Grinch


The things kids say. For real.

Demonstrating the use of a spaceman, which is kind of like a clothespin with a space-guy painted on it, I held up my extra large, super duper, teacher-demo version.

Mrs. Cohen: I am going to use this guy to help me to write today.

Student 1: It's an astronaut!

Student 2: It's Luke Skywalker!

Student 3: It's gigantic!

Mrs. Cohen: Well, it's a spaceman. Because his job is to help make spaces between my words while I write.

Student 4: Spacemen aren't supposed to write. They are supposed to go into space.

Mrs. Cohen: Yes. Look. He goes into this SPACE. Right here in between these words.