Miss Tigges's 2nd Grade Newsletter

Friday, October 14th

Reading (Written by Annabelle)

We were learning about character traits. This is how characters tell us what they feel. We were also learning about setting, problem, and solution. Solution is how the problem gets fixed. We also learned about conclusion. This is what the conclusion is: how the story ends.

Write On! (Written by Marsha)

Write On!

In writing we are working on persuasive writing. It is when we try to make people believe in our opinion. Some topics we could chose from is: should zoos be banned? Are video games good for you? We are studying our topic so we have facts to prove that they believe in our topic. It is lots and lots of fun! :) :)

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Our class enjoyed participating in a friendly debate one whether or not zoos should be banned! :)

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"Amazing things happen when you work hard." -Kid President (Found by Tori H.)

Math (Written by, Ashlyn)

We are working on function machines in math. And subtraction and adding. We love it in second grade. And we also like Miss Tigges. From Ashlyn.

Science (Written by, Sophie)


A few days ago we were working on seeing what cool things we can discover with rocks. We were also working on different cultures.

"Love Changes Everything." - Kid President (found by Tori H.)

Upcoming Dates...

  • Wednesday, October 19 - Early Out at 1:40 PM
  • Thursday, October 27 - Fall Harvest Party @ 2:30-3:15
  • Friday, October 28 - No School (Teacher Work Day)