Literacy ~ New Voices, New Audience

Deb Frazier & Cathy Mere

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Connecting Student Voices: Reframing Literacy Instruction

Today's tools provide opportunities for students to grow and share their thinking in new ways, but this cannot happen without a strong literacy framework that allows choice and encourages student ownership. We're excited to join you on Tuesday to discuss ways to connect student voices through digital literacy.

You'll Need:

  • One Digital Artifact: Please bring one digital artifact from your school to share with the group. If you would like, you can link it here on our previous document: Digital Mentor Examples Please let us know, if you need help doing this. If you'd like to create shortened link or a QR card, try:
  • Your Favorite Familiar Device: A computer will work, but an iPad might work better for our work together.
  • Books! Books! Books!: Please bring three picture books you just love and would like to share with everyone.
Our Session Hub (resources & discussion links)

Here you will find a collection of links from our previous time together and those we will use in the future. Additionally, you will find links and resources to extend your learning.

Literacy - New Voices, New Audiences

Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 9am

5380 Scioto Darby Rd

Hilliard, OH

Questions? Please contact:

Deb Frazier

Cathy Mere

See you next week! Yay!!!!!!

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