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Staff Newsletter for 2016-2017, Episode 7

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What are you teaching the world? Kid President has a way of reminding us what is important in life while keeping us laughing at the same time. When I recently had the opportunity to hear the creator of Kid President speak he reminded me that we would all be better off if we were more "childlike" in our approach to how we see the world. Now he was careful to clarify the difference between "childish" and "childlike". Being childlike means we would see the world through the eyes of a child - a certain innocence that would allow us to be filled with hope and to see new ways to approach problems we encounter. We wouldn't be bound by the experiences we've had in life but would instead feel as if we could take on the world. I was also reminded that as educators we have a different hope than other adults in the world around us or we wouldn't be able to do the work that we do every single day. We see the children we dedicate our lives to and we believe in them. You might be surprised to know that there are nearly 3 billion people in our world under the age of 20. There is hope for a new generation... But there is also an urgency for us to rethink education and what we value in our community and in our schools. I'm excited to get to continue this journey with you all as we build a culture and a foundation for our students. So in the words of Kid President, "It is Time to Be More Awesome"! Check his video out by clicking here!

Love you all!

Melissa and Ashley

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TEAM EAST -- WE CAUGHT YOU IN ACTION! (Click on a picture to see it up close)

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Symposium Update and Habit #1 Debrief

Other than a very brief meeting about our emergency team, our entire focus for our February 22nd Faculty Learning will be on Leader in Me. All other information will be shared electronically. I am excited to share thoughts with you from the symposium and to finally get to discuss the learning you did with your students around Habit #1. Please hang on to your samples and bring them back when we meet on this day.
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Looking Ahead: February Events

  • February 6th - Class Pictures
  • February 7th - End of Fundraiser
  • February 8th - Mock Math STAAR; No Wacky Schedule
  • February 8th - Feel the Love - Chugg's Tea
  • February 8th - Design/Grade Level Lead Meeting
  • February 9th - Mock Reading STAAR
  • February 10th - District UIL at East
  • February 14th - Valentine's Day Parties; Feel the Love - Jeans for Staff
  • February 15th - RtI and DRA Conversations
  • February 17th - Parent Conferences/Student Holiday
  • February 20th - Holiday
  • February 22nd - Math CBA (K-2)
  • February 22nd - Faculty Learning - Leader in Me
  • February 23rd - Reading CBA (K-2)
  • February 23rd - SBDM Meeting
  • February 24th - Feel the Love - Sweet Treats
  • February 25th - Education Foundation Fishing Tournament
  • February 27th - Education Foundation Bunco Night
  • February 27th - Texas Public School Week Begins

***Please see campus calendar for additional information and details.
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Have an AMAZING Week!