It's Engineering Week!

Week 5 of e-learning at St. Joseph Catholic School

Calling all builders!

Hello St. Joseph Students!

Happy Easter! He is risen, alleluia!

I hope everyone had a joy-filled, chocolate and jellybean filled spring break!

Engineers and scientists are working around the clock these days to help us find solutions to problems caused by the pandemic. The current crisis demonstrates the need for minds and hearts that can think creatively to help others.

The links this week will guide you to read, observe, test, evaluate, and investigate ideas centered around engineering and technology, and the hearts behind those who invent the instruments that help. As always, expect a little fun!

Pray every day. Look for the Resurrection. Remember: you are loved.

~Mrs. Moschetto

PS If you have a photo or video of anything you have made or done while on break, please send it to me so I can publish your successes in future newsletters. Thank you!

Nature Photo Contest

Contest deadline extended to Monday, April 27!

What's an Engineer? Crash Course Kids #12.1


I'm a HUGE fan of the family who started the website WONDEROPOLIS. So let's let them get us excited about engineering. Use the link above to answer the questions:

What is a Rube Goldberg Machine?

Who was Rube Goldberg?

Why are Rube Goldberg machines so fascinating?

On this page you will watch The.Best.RGVideo. You may need to hit the back arrow to return to the Wonderoplis information page once you view the video.

Read the article and answer the questions if you are in grades 4-6. Learn how designing a crazy machine helps you understand how things work! Then, search the Wonderopolis site for another article that deals with technology or engineering. What did you find? What did you learn? What other questions did your exploration generate?

Share the Divine Love: An experiment in social influencing

An art teacher in PA started a nationwide chain reaction when she posted an idea to social media: Show love to your neighbors and friends even though you cannot visit with them by posting an image of the Divine Mercy or Sacred Heart of Jesus on your door. Visit this website to get free downloads to color yourself! Free color versions are also available. Post your pictures on your front door in time for Divine Mercy Sunday, the Second Sunday of Easter, April 19. Here is my version of the free download. I used markers.

Who was St. Faustina and what is the Divine Mercy Chaplet?

"Sister Faustina was a young, uneducated nun in a convent of the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Poland during the 1930s." Read more at The Divine Mercy website run by the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception. You will learn about St. Faustina, the message of Jesus' mercy, and how to pray the simple chaplet.


Inventors with heart! Watch and learn how engineers are helping and inspiring others! TED talks and one bit of local news!

John Hopkins Engineers Develop 3-D Printed Ventilator Splitters!

Baltimore, MD, is home to one of the universities leading the way in science and medicine. Read about how engineers and medical students are working on a prototype that might be able to help in the crisis caused by the pandemic. When science is used to HELP others, it elevates the action to a good work!


When do monkeys fall from the sky?

During APE-ril showers

Labor versus Leisure: Artists ask BIG questions!

Fischli and Weiss were two Swiss artists who may have been inspired by Rube Goldberg's cartoons. They created many "art installations" that challenged the idea that work wasn't interesting or fun, and they came up with a set of 10 steps for working smarter (see photo).The video below is a clip from one of their famous "video sculptures." It is called The Way Things Go. Do you see the influence of Rube Goldberg? Is this art or science? What do you think?
Peter Fischli and David Weiss, The Way Things Go, 1987, Excerpt.

If you build it, it will FLY!

Fold a paper airplane for distance, time aloft, acrobatics, or just plain fun!

Visit: this website and learn to fold 44 styles!

Take the BIG IDEAS Quiz

Inventions changed the world--how much do you know about these success stories?


Supplies needed:

Matchbox Cars

A level table

Other supplies: magnets, straws, tape, balloons, paper, imagination


You may not touch your car, push it or prod it along.

No altering the track by tilting it or adding to it (no ramps!)

The Challenge:

Move your car down the table the fastest (or at all!)

How can the additional supplies, or any other you gather, improve the movement of your car?

Once you succeed, video your race and send it in to Mrs. Moschetto

BUILD WITH PAPER: an art project

Ready Set Draw! Vanessa Brantley-Newton HOW TO MAKE A COLLAGE
GPS and the Quest for Pizza--from NASA

Watch this animated info-graphic that tells you what GPS stands for and how it works!


How could I pass up an opportunity to share my favorite SLIME recipe? My niece is THE. SLIME. QUEEN. She makes slime every day; and with that, she has learned so much about chemistry and physics, in addition she knows where and how to order her supplies, not to mention how to budget her funds to keep her hobby going. Here is a link to a video that teaches you how to make CRYSTAL CLEAR slime with Tide.

Roller Coasters: a marvel in physics and engineering

Roller coasters prove that we can use our brains to bring joy to others!

Click the link to the Wonderopolis page to read about the science of these amazing rides. Use the vocabulary links to make sure you understand the meaning of words like kinetic, inertia, friction, resistance, and more. Can you ace the Test Your Knowledge quiz after reading the article? Watch the time warp video to get a more detailed explanation of the science behind that weightless feeling you get while on the rides.

Finally, use this link to access the experiment that will help you understand the science of centripetal force. You will need a penny and a balloon.

The photo to the left is a roller coaster in Hong Kong!

Try not to scream!


Make it yourself! This face shield could be used while painting or raking to reduce the fumes and dust you might breathe in!

DIY FACE SHIELD Using transparent Plastic Bottle l Jc Enon
Big picture