by: John Coy

reviewed by Jason

Love Of The Game is about a group of kids that are entering middle school.

They all want to play football for their school team. But they are not well behaved

and they do not have the best grades. They do whatever it takes to listen more and get better grades, so they can get on that football team. The biggest challenge yet is getting the teachers to like them, and I can tell you now the teachers really do not like them. Find more info on Love Of The Game by reading the book.

I really like the part when their grades finally turn around and they get their acts together. They finally get to be on the football team because they have been trying so hard and it is just so rewarding. It’s really cool because you feel like you are in the book because it is happy at that part of the book. That's why I really like that part.

I would recommend this book to my brother because, just like me, he is a sports kid and he loves football. We are always playing with the football in the backyard. That is why he would really like this book.
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