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From The Principal's Desk

Welcome to February! We had a spectacular first month of 2016 at Jackson Elementary. Some of our big events this past month included:

  • The 4th Grade Kindness Retreat
  • Our 2nd Quarter Celebration of Learning Assembly
  • Participation by our entire school in the "Opera For the Young"
  • Our whole-school ice cream shoppe celebration rewarding our students for meeting their JJ ticket goal
  • DPI's release of strong scores by Jackson students on last year's State assessment

If you do not yet follow our Facebook page, I encourage you to do so. We have been posting photos from these and many other activities at Jackson Elementary daily. You can see and follow our Facebook page by pasting this link into your browser's address box:

February promises to be another busy month!

-Mr. Hanson

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration is February 4th & 5th. This includes registration for 5-year-old kindergarten as well as the district's community-based 4-year-old kindergarten program.

The office will be open for parents to register at these times:

  • Thursday, Feb 4th 8am - 5:30pm & 6:30pm - 8pm
  • Friday, Feb 5th 8am - 5pm

You can learn more about kindergarten registration and 4-year-old kindergarten at the district website here:

Family Fun Night at Jackson!

The JPTO will host a Family Fun Night on Friday, February 26th at 6pm. We will screen a G rated film in the gym for families to enjoy. Attendance is FREE and we invite everyone to bring a blanket or sleeping bag so you can stretch out on the floor. Popcorn and drinks will be for sale with proceeds going to support the work of the JPTO. We hope to see you there!

Jackson's Got Talent!

The JPTO will host the 6th Annual Jackson Talent Showcase on Friday March 18th. This year's event has been updated to allow students to share a wider variety of talents.

The stage performance pieces such as musical, vocal, dance, and magic are all still part of the show. This year we have added display categories for students who would like to create a display of their talent such as a Lego creation, science fair-type project, baking items, artistic creations, great pieces of photography taken by students, a 4H project, or any other display that let's your child share their talents with the world! Check out the flyer below for more details.

Big image

Jackson Elementary Students Rock their Academics!

I am so excited to share the results of last spring’s State Badger Exam testing with you! Our students and staff have worked so hard – and it shows!

Every Thursday, every Jackson teacher meets in teams to discuss student achievement, instructional strategies, and to design plans for success for every student. In addition, teachers are studying and making data-informed decisions about how to best approach teaching and learning at Jackson to maximize success. Teachers are learning from each other through learning walks throughout the district to share ideas for success.

On the state assessment from last spring the third graders from last year (this year’s fourth graders) scored well above the state average in both reading and math. The state average for third grade reading was 51.7 and the district average was 65.9. Our students scored 72 - 20.3 points higher than the state average! In math, the state average for third graders was 51.4 and the district average was 61. Our students scored 70.7 - 19.3 points higher than the state average!

Fourth graders (this year’s fifth graders) scored well above the state average, too. The state average for fourth grade reading was 50.4. Jackson fourth graders scored 59.4! That is 9 points higher than the state! In fourth grade math the state average was 47.6, but Jackson fourth graders averaged 68.2 – a whopping 20.6 points higher than the state average!

I am so proud of our students, staff, parent volunteers, and families for working together to give our students the very best opportunity for success. Thank you for working as a team – Great Job Jackson!


Lenny Hanson, Principal

Jackson Elementary School

*You can see the original press release about our State assessment results by checking out the related Facebook post from last week found here:

Parent Welcome Center

In the past the JPTO staffed the front entrance and greeted visitors to Jackson. A few years ago, the need for increased security at elementary schools meant this responsibility had to be shifted to school staff in the office. This has left us with an empty space in the front hallway where the JPTO used to staff a desk. We would like to convert this space into a parent welcome center at Jackson Elementary!

We are looking for donations of furniture that would help us put together a sitting area, space to use a computer, and the elements necessary to provide a welcoming space where parents can wait, access Skyward or classroom websites for information, and have access to other important information from school.

If you have any furniture or other items that you would be willing to donate and might help us as we create this space please contact Mr. Hanson at 262-335-5475. We appreciate your help!

Attention 4th Grade Parents

Silverbrook Intermediate School is the beautiful school where our students leave after 4th grade and go to for 5th and 6th grade. The administration at Silverbrook asked us to remind our 4th grade parents that their children will have the opportunity to learn about the electives they can take at Silverbrook on February 2nd & 3rd.

The following message was sent out to all 4th grade families by Silverbrook. It came to their attention last week that some families were left off of the original email and they are extremely sorry for that. In case you missed the email you can take a look here:

In the next several weeks, your 4th grade student will be making some very important decisions about his or her next two years at Silverbrook Intermediate School. At Silverbrook, your student will take four academic classes: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. In addition to these subjects, all students will have four exploratory classes, including Music, Art, Physical Education, and World Language. These classes meet on a Day 1/Day 2 rotation all year. Course options for Music are Band, Orchestra, and Choir, and the World Language courses are French, German, and Spanish. Please note, students are asked to make a 2 year commitment to Music and World Language.

To help you and your student make an informed decision about their upcoming course selections, there are several very important dates to note. All 4th grade students will be traveling to the Silver Linings Arts Center at West Bend High School the morning of Monday, February 1st to see a Music and World Language presentation. Your student will also be receiving their selection packet that day. Course selection forms are due back to your child’s classroom teachers by Friday, February 12th.

If your student is interested in Band or Orchestra or would like to meet the Choir teacher, your family should attend an Instrument Selection Night. At these nights, students are able to actually try out all the different instruments offered in 5th grade. Band instruments include the flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, and percussion (acceptance into percussion requires a successful percussion tryout with a director at an Instrument Selection Night). Orchestra instruments include the violin, viola, cello, and bass.

Instrument Selection Nights

Silverbrook Intermediate School


Tuesday, February 2nd


Wednesday, February 3rd

Menchie's Celebrates Hard Work At School!

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt in West Bend wants to reward students for working hard at school. Menchie's contacted us and asked us to pass along this information...

All students who bring their report cards to Menchie's now through the end of February will be rewarded for any A's or B's they have achieved (or equivalent grades) with a free ounce of frozen yogurt for each good grade earned (up to 4 ounce limit).

Thank you Menchie's!

Class Placement for 2016-17

In the coming months the teachers at Jackson will be creating the class lists for the 2016-17 school year. We welcome parents to share any information about their child's learning style that they would like us to know while going through the process of creating class lists.

At Jackson we pride ourselves on the quality of all of our teachers and know your child will be successful in any one of our teachers' classrooms. However, information about your child's personal learning style can provide us with additional insight as we determine class placements.

Parents are invited to submit information about their child's learning style in a written letter format to Mr. Hanson. Requests must be received in the office by Friday, February 19th in order to be considered in time. Thank you!