A Long Way Gone

By: Ben Pankau

Internal Characterization

In the book, A Long Way Gone, Ishmael struggles a lot with emotion. For example, "I began to cry quietly and all of a sudden felt dizzy"(Beah 34).

Historical Connection

In the text, A Long Way Gone, Ishmael thinks back to the day before as it was like a nightmare. The text states, "The following morning, we started speaking to each other asif awakened from a nightmare or dream that had given us a different take on life and the situation we were in"(Beah 36).

Vocabulary Word

The book, A Long Way Gone, has a lot of interesting words. For example, "...we reminded them of the massacres, and that struck fear in their hearts again"(Beah 37). The word massacres means, an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people.

Vocabulary Word

The memoir, A Long Way Gone, has a lot more vocabulary words. The text states, "I have seen heads cut off by machetes, smashed by cement bricks..."(Beah 49). The word machete means, a broad heavy knife used as a weapon.