Elliott and Associates

Elliott and Associates: Organizational Consultant Specialist

All human organizations, whether it be a business corporation, a religious denomination or a government institution, have common structural and operational features that we can almost look at them as living organism that portray a set of behavioural patterns. As such, the task of programming or managing the function of an organization can be accomplished using certain principles that apply within the dynamic systems and processes involved in an organization.

Elliott and Associates has grown to become a reputable Organizational Development Consultant (ODC), a unique and responsive resource for the modern organization. As an ODC, therefore, Elliott and Associates can provide its clients consultation and problem-solving services related to their organization and its human-resources requirements.

A staff of experienced professionals from Elliott and Associates stands ready with the skills to provide specialized assistance needed to achieve positive results in organizational development, leading to a more efficient and more productive organization. Thus, Elliott has taken on the title of a specialist in "Organizational Fitness", one that it rightly deserves.

With its more than two decades of track record in helping organizations thrive and operate successfully, Elliott and Associates has been given many opportunities to demonstrate the value of its services in various employment situations. To name a few, schools, banks, social agencies, medical schools, government offices, hospitals and manufacturing companies have seen the positive results of applying the knowhow and the services of ODCs.

People make a world of difference. Ultimately, technology merely provides us with tools while humans provide us with the internal motivation and the primary resources that make for a truly beneficial organization that can serve the multifarious needs of society.

In the end, Elliott and Associate believes the following:

• Procedures do not meet production quotas. People do.

• Machines do not irritate customers or gain their trust. People do.

• Modern technology cannot generate or manage departments. People can.

• Reports or quotas or even products or services do not make your organization special. Your people or employees do.

Using its broad experience in human resources development, Elliott and Associates can help an organization build and maintain an even more responsive and profitable organization. Every organization has it unique character and objectives. By focusing on three primary areas of concern, Elliott can assist an organization achieve positive outcomes in its programs, namely:

1. Employee Assessment

Hiring employees can be a tricky and costly business. It is not as simple as reading an applicant's resume. Oftentimes, things do not turn out well because of certain factors involving the individual as well as the company. Interpersonal relationships may spoil a fine organization as easily as lack of sales can. Word can go around and such negative PR can bring an entire company – or a religious group or political party – down to the gutter.

Employees' morale and other potential adverse influences can determine customer satisfaction and sales for any company. Only a proper and effective psychological assessment can thresh out the unseen factors that will determine how an employee will behave inside an organization.

At ODC, Elliott and Associates has carefully identified and crafted the best psychological tests which are statistically effective in determining human abilities and personality traits. The employee evaluation reports filed in the employees records are not merely for new employees but used as valuable tools over the work life of the employee. They come in handy during promotion, team-building, discipline, conflict resolution, reassignment, termination, retirement preparation and succession planning. Guess work and risks are eliminated when coming out with decisions pertaining to an employee's status in any organization.

2. Employee Assistance Programs

Personal problems make up most of the sources of issues faced by organizations with regard to employees' performance issues. Even the best employee can be rendered almost useless if they have personal or health issues that recur constantly.

And there are other factors, such as financial concerns, addictions, emotional problems, stress, family issues and many other factors can seriously undermine the effectiveness of employee performance and the organization's production.

Elliott and Associate's Employee Assistance Program staff has advised thousands of employees and their families in the process of producing a more productive and reliable work staff. Many research studies have borne out the fact that assisting workers in dealing with their personal or family problems can lead to a healthier, more productive and financially viable working staff within an organization.

3. Organizational Development and Training

Elliott and Associates ODC staff can collaborate with your organization to determine efficient ways to realize your business goals. The procedure involves first conducting an organization evaluation through personal interviews and using anonymous questionnaires. Then, after determining the training needs, specially-designed workshops and training packages are conducted to enhance the work process, according to personal or team performance. As a consequence, any problems that may arise in the organization will be dealt with accordingly through evaluations and recommendations for appropriate steps, such as reassignment or reorganization.

An organization can only thrive if the people who run and operate it have a healthy coordination form inside out. Elliott and Associates knows the ups-and-downs and ins-and-outs of how that dynamic organism operates. It all starts with hiring the right people to suit the right organization.