Tyler Arnold

A Brief History

Einsatzgruppen was an ss squat that was used as a mobile killing force. It mostly followed the main nazi army through the east and mass murdered anyone that the germans opposed. Shooting was thier main tool of destruction but was then deemed inconveinient. The Eisatzgruppen decieded to convert cargo trucks into carbon monoxide killing machines. The exaust was sent through the cargo area, poisening anyone that was trapped within

Their Purpose

The main objective of the mobile killing squad was to strike fear into the hearts of jews outside of the reach of germans control. To do so, they went into small towns and villages to find and kill all that the germans were against. Once the job was done, they moved on to their next target eradicating them as well.

Their Weapon

The Eistatzgruppen were infamous for their gas trucks - large vans that were transformed into mobile gas chambers. They had the capability of their cousins the stationary gas chambers located in most concentration camps.

Interesting Facts

  • Most non jewish residents assisted the ss in their goal.
  • In Babi Yar, 34,000 people were executed in 2 nights.
  • Many workers of the ss squad used different names for killing the jews to keep themselves away from the crimes they had committed
  • Clothes collected from the victims were collected and sent back to Germany.


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