By : Aditya Kuppa


Lipase is an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis process of fats in our body. They are mainly used in the process of digestion. The main function of a lipase enzyme is to break down a complex lipid polymers(for example. Triglycerides) into simple monomers like glycerol and fatty acids. There are many types of lipase enzymes all over the human body like phospholipases, sphingomyelinases, etc. The average Optimal pH level for a lipase enzyme to work is from about a 7.5 - 8, and the Optimal Temperature is about 37'C. Lipase inhibitors are substances used to reduce the activity of lipase enzymes. These inhibitors could be used for the treatment of obesity, an example of a lipase inhibitor is Orlistat. The lack of lipase in our body can lead to a build-up of fatty material in a number of body organs including the liver, spleen, gut, in the wall of blood vessels and other important organs. If not cured, this can lead to severe diseases.