Increasing post-secondary enrollment in Yancey County

GEAR UP NC's First Newsletter

Dear GEAR UP parents, students, and colleagues,

Welcome to the start of the 2015-16 school year! We hope you enjoyed your summer and were able to join GEAR UP for some of the fun-filled summer learning programs. We are pleased to share with you our brand new GEAR UP Newsletter. New editions will be sent to GEAR UP families throughout the year. Our News-letter is an opportunity to share information and news about upcoming GEAR UP programs and activities with parents and students. It is also a way for us to highlight and showcase some of the great work that is being done in GEAR UP schools that include: Mountain Heritage High School, Cane River Middle School, and East Yancey Middle School. We hope you enjoy the debut issue of our GEAR UP Newsletter and that you will consider submitting articles and pictures for future editions. Submit ideas, pictures or articles to


Funded by the U.S. Department of Education through the University of North Carolina, the GEAR UP NC program has three goals:

  • increase students’ academic performance and preparation for postsecondary education;
  • increase the rate of high school graduation and participation in postsecondary education; and
  • increase GEAR UP students’ and their families’ knowledge of postsecondary education options, preparation, and financing.

2014-2015 school year Highlights

  • 85% of all 7th graders in the county toured a college campus.

  • 49 MHHS Seniors (35%) toured college campuses.

  • 10 Seniors who otherwise probably would not have registered for college were caught in the GEAR UP safety net and enrolled at Mayland.

  • 100% of all 7th graders met professionals from diverse industries during Students at Work Week in Febuary.

  • 119 7th graders received an average of 20 hours of tutoring or homework assistance each.

  • 10 7th graders attended GEAR UP ASU-LEAD Camp

About us

Yancey County's GEAR UP NC program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education through the general administration of University of North Carolina. Yancey County is one of eleven GEAR UP NC districts in the state.

  • Samantha Briggs is the GEAR UP NC Student Coordinator.