Voltaire (Francois-Marie Arouet)


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He was the most influential of the philosophers. He is quick to use sarcasm and satire and was not kind to those he disagreed with.
A lot of his views are critical of Christian views, especially traditional Catholicism. He did not believe in prayers, but he is not an atheist, he is a Deist.
In order for society to improve, we need human reason. He says that reason is more powerful with faith.
He had major problems with injustice, bigotry and tolerance. He goes on campaigns to end these, but he cannot enact change.
Madame du Chatelet was his long-time companion who was a scientist. She influenced his views on discrimination.
He was big on religious tolerance. He also didn't think that economic equality could exist.
Some argue that his critique set the stage for the French Revolution. He advocated for enlightened despotism in government.
His most famous work is called "Candide", a social commentary on France.
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