Spend your money!

How can we best apply an understanding of the skills used in a business inside our class?

The world we live in today has so many more opportunities than it did even 10 years ago! The largest growing career field is entrepreneurship or creating your own business. The best way to grow a business is to utilize a financial institution! Bankers, however, do not lend money to just anyone. A client has to prove they have the skills to manage the money successfully, or the banker will not risk lending it.

You and your teammates are going to demonstrate your understanding of the necessary skills to start your own business!


In your check register:

-Record your initial capital and the events affecting your profit and loss

-Provide proof of adding and subtracting decimals

-Round whole numbers.

Also provide:

-your net worth as a rounded number

-your net worth in expanded notation




A document resembling a financial statement, that shows profit and loss (addition and subtraction), net worth expressed in expanded notation, and classification (rounding.)