Mammoth Newsletter

By Madyson Pendleton


A creature known to scientists and many people all over the world, has been studied for many years. It is known to have roamed the Earth during the Ice Age, which was over 11,000 years ago. This creature is known as a Mammoth. Scientists have been trying to get information on these animals for years, but it is not as easy as you may think. After months and years of digging, scientists and paleontologists have discovered over 11,000 year old fossils. After they dig, or excavate them out of the ground, they study them, and see if they can find anymore bones and fossils that belong to the same animal. Even though mammoths were alive many, many years ago, scientists and paleontologists didn't start digging for them right away. No one really knew about mammoths and mammoth bones until many, many years after they were alive.

Paleontologists are still discovering mammoth bones today, and they are trying to figure out exactly where the mammoths lived and how they died. This is not an easy task, but scientists and paleontologists will keep working until they figure out all of the information that they need. They might never figure out all of the information, but they sure will know a lot. There is still much more to find, discover, and learn about mammoths, and also people waiting to discover it.


Many animal species become extinct over time. But this is not a good thing. This change causes harmful changes to the environment. An example of an animal species that has gone extinct is, mammoths. Mammoths roamed the Earth more than 11,000 years ago. Scientists believe that the cause of their extinction was, flooding and mudslides. Extinction is harmful to the environment because, animals eat certain types of animals, and when that animal becomes extinct, there will be no animal to eat those animals.

Mammoths ate animals that were smaller than them. But when mammoths became extinct, there was no animal to eat those animals. Over time, that animal species started reproducing more and more, until there were many types of the same animal.

Overproduction occurs when there are too many animals for the environment to support. When an animal becomes extinct, the animals that they used to eat are now going through overproduction. This is very harmful to the environment because, there aren't any resources to support these animals. This animal species will eventually die out. Many animal species become extinct more and more, and eventually the environment will be completely changed.

Reaction Based on Religion

There are many religions that have similar creation stories. None of them are exactly the same, but some are very similar. There are many worldly events that interfere with these creation stories. One of these events is the discovery of mammoths. Mammoths are said to have lived when there were no people on the Earth. But most of the creation stories state that humans were the first beings on Earth. If that is true, then there is no way that mammoths could really exist. This theory of mammoths, interferes with what many people believe. People can react to this in many different ways. Some people could just ignore it. Some people could get mad at it, or some people could actually try to solve this unsolved mystery. Thinking about these things can be scary, since it is interfering with something that you've known all you life, but some people just take the risk and try to solve this.

In the Bible, it states that animals and people were created on the same day. But scientists say that there are animals that many years old, that existed before people. But this whole dilemma hasn't been solved. There are many different theories that people may come up with, but every time you thin you have figured something out, you create another problem that needs to be solved. It is a very difficult task, and it takes determination, focus, and knowledge to be able to figure it out. Many other creation stories state that people and animals were made on the same day, or that people were made before animals, but science seems to be seen differently.

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