Forensic Entomology

Emily Avalos

What is Forensic Entomology?

The use of bugs to estimate the time of death.

Types of Insects

Blow flies are the first to arrive on the decomposing body. Due to their life cycle they give an accurate time of death.

Beetles typically come into play later in when the body is dried up and less sustainable for blow flies. The beetles eat the decomposing flesh.

Estimating Time of Death (PMI)

2 methods:

1st- Insects

2nd- Magot age and development

Information we need from the Site

There are differences among species and they are all in different habitats and environments.

Information we need from the body

- The position of the body

- If drugs were involved

- If the body was moved or disturbed

Limitations of Forensic Entomology


- Insect abundance


- Presence of drugs.