LCS Supt's Corner

July, 2022

2022-23 School Year

Linden Community Schools will welcome students to the 2022-23 school year on Monday, August 22, 2022. As we near the start of the new school year, your student's building principal will be communicating out important information. Please check out the LCS website for information pertaining to the start of the 2022-23 school year.

2022-23 Open House dates and times have been established (click link to view).

2022-23 LCS School Calendar

Linden High School Athletics begin on August 8, 2022. Please contact Lance Belill, LCS Athletic Director, with questions.

LCS Bond Program Phase 1 Update

LCS continues to move forward with the LCS Bond Program. Phase 1 projects include the construction of the Multipurpose Center, collaboration zone/media center at Linden Elementary, updates to all classrooms at Linden Elementary, and the Linden High School/Central Elementary paving project.

The Multipurpose Center is about 25% complete, including the walls and footprint of the building. The installation of the steel wall and roof system will begin on July 18, 2022. The exterior of the building is taking shape with the addition of brick and the canopy system at the entrance of the building.

The addition and renovations at Linden Elementary are moving along as planned. The exterior walls of the addition of the student collaboration zone/media center are up and taking shape. We still anticipate a completion and occupancy date of January, 2023. All classrooms were completely emptied, and work has started to update each room. Updates include: new classroom furniture, secure front entrance, collaborative spaces, STEM equipment, music instruments, kitchen equipment, electrical and mechanical work, lockers added, flooring in all classrooms, technology resources (in and out of the classroom), and etc. Our building and classroom renovations are still on track, and we anticipate being able to welcome students on August 22, 2022.

The paving project at Linden High School/Central Elementary is anticipated to be completed by the end of July. The front parking lot at Linden High School has been reworked to allow for traffic flow efficiency, parking spaces were added, and a new asphalt surface was applied. The Central Elementary traffic loop has been expanded to allow for better traffic flow. The student parking lot at Linden High School has increased, and new entrance and exit lanes constructed to help reduce traffic congestion.

In order to provide a continuous update on the progress being made on the 2020 LCS Bond Program, the July, 2020 update is included.

Linden Community Education

Click here to find out about programming opportunities with Linden Community Education

Central Elementary Principal Search

With the recent retirement of Central Elementary Principal, Mike Gagne, we have been diligently working through the process of hiring an individual who will continue to make a positive impact on our students and staff. We have started the interviewing process and are looking forward to having the best person in place by the start of the 2022-23 school year.

LCS Therapy Friend Program Welcomes Two New Staff Members

Linden Community Schools would like to introduce you to the newest members of the Eagle Family! Skittles and Ruby, both Australian Labradoodles, have been hired as therapy friends at Linden Middle School. Skittles and Ruby join Mara, who joined LCS in 2021 at Argentine Early Childhood Center, and Darla, who joined Hyatt Elementary in 2021.

Skittles will be working with her handler, Mr. Enders, LMS Assistant Principal, and Ruby will be joining her handler, Ms. Thomas, LMS Principal. Together, they will be working to serve students and staff at Linden Middle School.

Research has shown that there are many benefits of having therapy friends available to students and staff. From reducing anxiety and easing social isolation, to lowering blood pressure and stress levels, the inclusion of a therapy dog has proven to be an invaluable asset to schools, including Linden. Research has also shown that having therapy dogs in a school setting can significantly contribute to helping achieve student development goals such as:

  • The reduction of stress and anxiety among students in social settings.

  • Helping students and staff decompress following traumatic situations.

  • Improvement of reading and comprehension skills by increasing confidence and literary interest.

  • Working with students who have antisocial behaviors by increasing empathy and compassion.

  • Helping students learn responsibility.

  • Assisting students who are victims of bullying and related behaviors by reducing retaliatory impulses and increasing self-esteem.

As our students face the uncertainties caused by everyday life, being able to spend time with a therapy dog can feel like a piece of normalcy, which is essential in these challenging and ever-changing times.

Linden Community Schools is continuing to work toward having at least one therapy friend in each of our buildings to help support our students and staff. Expanding our LCS Therapy Friend Program will continue to be a benefit for our students and school community for many years. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your consideration in supporting the Linden Community Schools Therapy Dog Program.

We would also like to thank the Linden Kiwanis for their generous donation, which has made it possible for LCS to expand our Therapy Friend Program.

2022-23 Current Student Information Update

Preparations are in full swing for the new school year as we approach the first day of school on August 22nd. Part of that preparation is completing the 2022-2023 CURRENT Student Information Update task in the Online Registration feature of the ParentVue portal for each of your students.

Confirming/updating your student’s information is REQUIRED by the start of the new school year for ALL students attending Linden Community Schools.

Using the ParentVue portal, parents and guardians have the ability to electronically sign Handbook Acknowledgements, Acceptable Use and Chromebook Policies; as well as update student Demographic Information, Emergency Contact Information, Medical and Health information, and transportation needs. This process takes about 10 minutes per student. It is important that we have current information for each student enrolled, especially for planning bus routes.

Additionally, secondary students are also REQUIRED to use the StudentVue portal to electronically sign mandatory forms.

Please click on the included link for steps and associated screenshots to assist in navigating the ParentVue portal.

New LCS Staff Members

Linden Community Schools continues to add top-notch educators to our LCS team. Click on the included link to meet the newest members of our team.

LHS/CE Paving Project

The front parking lot paving project at Linden High School has been completed. The two, original parking lots, were combined to make one large parking lot. We also included a separate student-drop off lane, within the new parking area, which should create better traffic flow at the beginning and end of the school day.

We have also completed the new entrance to the Central Elementary parking lot, and the drop-off/pick-up loop entrance was moved to match up with the exit of the LHS parking lot.

The next paving project, which has begun, is the resurfacing of the LHS student parking lot. Beginning July 13, 2022, the LHS student parking lot will be closed for construction. Students, staff, and visitors are to park in the LHS front parking lot, CE parking lot, or LMS parking lot. We anticipate that construction on the LHS student parking lot will take place through the month of July.

Linden Athletics Monthly

May/June 2022 Edition

LCS Board of Education- Latest News

  • In June, Board members attended the 2022 Graduation Ceremony, recognized staff retirees at the June 15th meeting and supported the Linden Community in various ways, including involvement with the local VFW, attending field trips and athletic events, helping with Project Graduation and more.
  • The Board of Education met on June 29, 2022 for the Annual Budget Hearing. After reviewing the information presented by the Director of Business Services Pam Dickie, the Board approved the 2022-23 Budget, amended the 2021-22 Budget and Set Tax Levy Rates for 2022-23.
  • The Board of Education will hold a board workshop on August 1st to continue learning about board governance and working together to serve the district.
  • During the July 13th meeting they established the meeting dates for 2022-23 and can be found on our website under the Board of Education link. One notable change to the meeting schedule will be the start time of 6:00 pm.
  • Congratulations to Vice President Scott Maker for being honored by the National VFW #StillServing Campaign! View TCTimes Link for full article.

Click on the included link for more information on the LCS Board of Education.