A Christmas Carol

By: Ashley Mill

Book Review

The book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is an enthralling story about a grumpy, old man named Ebenezer Scrooge who has a change in attitude after a life changing encounter with three spirits.

First of all, it captivates you by pulling you in through humor and suspense. Charles Dickens did a very good good by making it suspenseful and intriguing by making a darkness around Scrooge so things seemed creepier, and you don't know what will happen, but he still kept it humorous and lighting parts so that its not all dark, creepy, and sad.

Also, the author created a good picture in you mind of the surroundings and characters so you can better understand what's going on by the language and descriptiveness he used. He did this by always explains the setting and characters in a very detailed way so you can use your imagination to picture where they are and what the characters look like. I think that it makes the book more fun and interesting.

Finally, I recommend reading this book because it's a great Christmas classic that everyone should read because it teaches a lesson along with it about being kind and generous, and not so cold, secluded, and selfish, and that friends, family, and happiness are more important than money, it's not all about being rich.

Overall I think this is a great book that teaches a good lesson, it's really intriguing and interesting, and I think that almost everyone would enjoy it and should read it.


At the end of the book, Scrooge sacrifices his money to people in need. This is a sacrifice for him because he never liked to give away his money he just liked to keep it for himself and he would never let anyone go near it and now he's giving to people. For most that wouldn't be much of a sacrifice but for Scrooge it definitely was. A sacrifice I've had to make is when I have hockey and I have to sacrifice time with my family and friends because I made a commitment to it.