Reavis Review #3

September 19, 2016

SY17 Instructional Foci:

*GRR with fidelity

*Questioning and Discussion Using:

Text Dependent Questioning in Literacy

Daily Independent Reading

Math Talks and Collaborative Grouping

*Small Group Instruction

This Week at Reavis

9/19/2016 - Lesson Plans Due ~ Emergency Lesson Plans Past Due ~ Thank you to Ms. Syed, Mrs. Boyd, Ms. Idemudia, Mrs. Allen, and Mrs. Bonds for submitted their emergency lesson plans.

9/19/2016 - REACH Performance Task Window Opens

9/20/2016 - Flex PD @ 7:30 am in room 109

9/21/16 - LSC Meeting @ 7:30 am in room 005 ~ Open House - 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

9/21/16 and 9/22/16 - NWEA Testing ~ Check your mailbox for scheduling

9/22/2016 - ESP Orientation Meeting @ 7:30 am in room 109


Thank you to the teachers who stepped up to take on leadership for their teams:

Primary Team: Boyd - Team Lead and Syed- Secretary

Intermediate Team: Patel - Team Lead and Parker - Secretary

Middle School Team: Kim - Team Lead and Terry - Secretary

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program

The Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program has gotten off to a great start. Reavis students had an opportunity to sample blueberries and red pepper strips last week. This week they will taste cantaloupe and cucumbers. The items arrive at Reavis on Monday of each week. Please make arrangements with Ms. Lonergan to pick up your produce at the time that works best for you. Keep in mind that Ms. Lonergan leaves each day at 2:30 p.m. I will send you lesson plans for this week's produce as soon as I receive them. Please send me pictures of your students enjoying the fruit and the lesson.

Student Dismissal

Please keep in mind that Reavis students are dismissed at 3:45 p.m. daily. Parents and sibling are waiting outside for them. Do not use dismissal time to teach your students a lesson or to reprimand students. Please make note of any inappropriate behavior and address it on the following day.

Lesson Plans: Domain I - Planning and Preparation

Lesson Plans are due by 8:00 each Monday. Please make sure you submit your lesson plans on time. Thank you to Ms. Idemudia, Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Parker, Ms. Patel, Mr. Mikic, Ms. Kim, Mrs. Terry, Ms. Tutson, and Ms. Thornton for submitting their lesson plans as requested.

Remember, if you fail to plan your plan to fail!


Remember to update your monthly attendance chart (which should be located outside of your classroom door) weekly. Updated information can be found on the main attendance board which is located by the security desk or in the weekly Teacher Team Meeting Agenda.

Teacher Team Meeting

The team meetings will take place on Wednesday as usual. In preparation for the meeting make sure you have analyzed your student work and taken pictures of it to share with your team if you are presenting this week. Also, make sure you read the professional reading for this week and are prepared to discuss it.


Please check your supply of headphones to make sure you have enough working headphones for all of your students. If you need additional headphones please send me an email.