Good For Health

GMO's have longer shelf life. They also help with fat loss. For example, some gmo's produce oil with low saturated fat. GMO's can also help countries with people suffering from nutritional deficiencies. For example, a new GMO known as golden rice helps the body to synthesize vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency kills 2 million children a year. Gmo's can also produce medicine. Scientists believe that they can be made into vaccines that are easier to ship and given to the person.

Farmers Can Get Benefits From GMO's

Pests are a bother to many farmers, but GMO's can help get rid of them since they are immune to the pests. Also, the farmer could buy GMO's that are weed resistant, or spend time and money spraying weed killer over his/her plants. Also GMO's can resist certain weather temperatures. For example geneticists are trying modify the tomato plant to make is freeze resistant during the winter. GMO's also increase harvests yielding a 5%-8% in corn, soybeans, and cotton in America.

GM Technology Can Help The Environment

Pesticides have harmful side effects when they leak into the streams and rivers near the farmer's land. If plants can increase their defense against insects, then less pesticides would have to be used causing less pollution.

GMO's are natural (according to scientists)

Humans have been adjusting to their environment, and one of the ways that they have been doing it is by adjusting plants. Humans have changed a mustard species to create broccoli Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. The only main difference is the GM technology can speed up the process of evolution

Best Way To Feed The Rapidly Expanding World

In the modern age where the rates of population increase is geometrical. Scientists believe that the only way to make sure that this happens is through innovation. GMO's increase the crops that can survive on almost undesirable lands (salt lands). Scientists also say that GM technology is our best shot at feeding the 6 million people on Earth. If we can not do that right now, then in 50 years we will never be able to feed the 6 million more mouths that are born.