Shalea M. O'Riley

start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.

Who Am I

* My interests are: Girl Scouts, Painting, Projects, and Reading

* My skills: Flute, Earning Badges, Kayaking

* My Values: Friends, Family, God, School

* My Self Esteem: I Have A High-Self Esteem

* My Learning Style: Hands On

Question: All of my personality traits would help me with my job because, doing projects is one of my liking s and for my job i will have to do projects to help people with my job. Then earning Girl scout badges can help me by information on the projects or my patients. Then going to school would help me by learning about my jobs and going to collage. Also a high-self esteem can help me by not being in a grumpy mood during my job. then hands on projects can help me by knowing my tools by what they feel like and how much of something i should put force on.

My Job Is A ....Pediatrition!

About My Future Job

Job Discription: My job is were I help kids. Iam a doctor for kids to make them healthy, or to have check-ups with them to see if there is anything unusual in there health.

Salary: My salary is $154,600

Outlook: My job outlook is bright as in "bright outlook"

Cluster: My job cluster is Health Science

Work Schedule: My work schedule would be Full Time

Work Environment: My work environment would be a Private Office, or Clinic

* Something interesting about my job is that I get to work with kids to help them with their health

Collage for me

* The collage i want to go to is, University of Arkansas Fayetteville

* The reason why I want to go to collage in Fayetteville, AR, is because it's only about 1hr. and 30 min. from my home. Plus I like to visit Fayettville with my family

* The degree I would need for my career would be a Doctorite Degree

* My tuition would be $7,553 per year

* I don't know of any scholorships I would want to apply to