Myer's Briggs Personality


I: Introverted N: Intuitive T: Thinking P: Prospecting

The Mind: How We Interact With Our Environment

Under this category, I received introverted over extroverted. I personally agree with the evaluation on this one. I can and do get involved within conversation and I go hang out with friends, but I have to say that I don't particularly enjoy going to parties or going out too much. I mainly prefer hanging out with a few friends or just staying at home.

Energy: Where We Direct Our Mental Energy

For this category, I got intuitive, rather than sensory. Intuitive is defined as agreeing with what seems naturally right, compared to sensory which means relying on your senses to achieve these things. I agree with this because I think that while I do pay attention to evidence, I am also more likely to try to look into new things and find what I believe to be right, rather than what other's have found. I go off of what makes sense to me, rather than what makes sense to other people.

Nature: How We Make Decisions and Cope With Emotions

For the nature category, I got thinking rather than feeling. I believe that this is probably one of the most accurate categories that I got. I am much more likely to rely on what is logical, than what I am feeling. However, I do take other people's feeling into consideration. I am just more likely to think about what is logical first. than delve into how this affects myself and other people.

Tactics: Our Approach to Work, Planning, and Decision-making

The fourth category I received was prospecting, also called perceiving, opposed to judging. I agree with this category as well. I am a highly unorganized person, not only in my daily life, but also in my way of thinking. I believe that while some organization is necessary, too much 'sticking to the plan' takes away the creativity and enjoyment out of what I'm doing. I prefer to try new things and learn new things, rather than sticking to past ways of doing things. There's no discovery in that.