The Hunger Games Catchingfire

Dyllan smith Mrs Skinner Suzanne Collins


I loved this book you must read it this is the best book i have read in a long time i would read this book over and over again it is about a girl who changed the games for that point on and she had saved lot of lives but she also took lot of lives in the past.


The theme in this book is that you half to care for other people not just your self. This is the theme because she cared for her friend and tried to save them and she was the one of four people to escape alive from the games. Her friends cared for her and some people died for her to live because she was so big in the capital.


The main person in my book had a cloths pin and is had a bird on it and it was about her and how she was like a bird and she had that with her the entire time. She had that with her for both times she won the games.

Conflict and plot

this book was man vs man story because it had lots of people competing in the story. The conflict in the story was that the creater of the games wonted her to be dead and some people wonted to save her and some of them where captured and taken to the capitol for along time and they had not bean taken back to where they where before they where in the games