New Discovery of Nuclear Fusion

Discovery of Nuclear Fusion potentially powering everything.

Dylan James Discovers Nuclear Fusion potential for eletrical power.

Last week on November 11th, 2015 my lab team and I made the Discovery of Nuclear Fusion, a means of creating energy through the fusion of two atoms.

Nuclear Fusion vs Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Fusion is caused through the fusion of two or more simple atoms to create a large more complex atom. This releases an extremely large amount of latent energy quite suddenly. Nuclear fission uses naturally decaying elements like plutonium to power a steam turbine to create energy.

What is the potential electrical uses.

Nuclear Fusion provides a lot more energy then nuclear fission. But it produces energy at a much larger rate. This can be almost impossible to efficiently control. It is also almost impossible to get the atoms to the required 1000 Celsius needed. If we could efficiently use this electricity it could be a potential main resource.

Safety Precautions

Nuclear fusion doesn't have the risk of nuclear meltdowns like nuclear fission. But the output of electricity is a lot more then nuclear fission which is harder to control and more prone to risk.