biology teks on bacteria

By:Ricky Cardenas

tek 4c Are viruses living or nonliving and why are they known for that?

viruses are non-living organisms because they need a living cell to do anything at all they have proteins,lipids, and carbohydrates but cannot do anything unless they are attached to living organisms


tek 4d Where are the endospores are located and what is the function?

an endospore is a dormant non-reproductive structure that ensures the survival of bacteria through environmental stress they are resistant to nearly everything fatal
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4c What are the characteristics of viruses?

they have nucleic acids and proteins they also have living things inside them but viruses lack living characteristics therefore they are not living. there structures are much simpler than regular cells they cannot function without a host. there cells are even simpler than bacteria which is prokaryotic.

4c What is the lysogenic cycle? What is the lactic cycle?

the lysogenic cycle is one of two cycles where viruses reproduce inside the host using the hosts dna machinery the difference between the two things is in the lysogenic the spread of viral dna still occurs in the normal prokaryotic reproduction