Speech laws

Speaker will produce a credible, academic speech.

Define what the law means:

Basically what the law means is that is a trustworthy law, to trust other people what there saying and be confident to other people.

Describe the purpose of the law:

The purpose of this law is knowing to know how to trust the speaker and to trust what there saying.

Explain what the law looks and sounds like:

The law sounds like a trustworthy law that people could relate and can understand and can trust the speaker.

Give adivice and tips on how to use the law:

First tip and the most important tip of all:

-Tell the Truth! is the most important tip of all
When a speaker is speaking they have to tell the truth with what there saying, not telling the truth will get you know where and people in the world would not take the speaker seriously.

Second tip:

-Not lie! Why lie and not tell the truth. Is better to be confident and know what your saying than lie to the people and later on not do the things you promise to do and disapoint the people you care the most.

What two pictures will you show for the law and its usage:

A speaker like the president or other people important talking giving advice to the audience so they can trust them with what there saying.