"The Great Compromiser"

Henry Clay

Personal Facts

Henry Clay was born "April 12,1777,in Hanover County,Virginia.". He died "June 29,1852, in Washington District of Columbia, United States.". He was married to Lucretia Hart. Clay had eleven children. Also he was a Democratic-Republican.

Historical Backgronud

He had somewhat of a bad past,he had a bad habit. Clay gambled through the night for high stakes. John Q. Adams made the comment "In politics, as in private life, Clay is essentially a Gamester.". His early career in congress, he lead the "War Hawk" people who supported going to war with Britain in the "War of 1812".

Historical Role

Henry Clay wrote three very important compromises, which were the Missouri Compromise, The Great Compromise, and The Compromise of 1812. Clay served as a speaker of the House of Representatives,a U.S. Senator, and a U.S. Secretary of State, elected six times for that spot. Henry Clay was a leading American statesman for nearly fifty years.

1803:elected to Kentucky Legislature

1806 and 1810:sent to U.S. Senate to fill out short terms.

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