Module 7 Lesson 1

By: Loan Le

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An arrest has been made for the three blind mice. They were scheduled for an arraignment on Friday. The petit jury has deemed their crime as a felony and has posted bail at $500,000. “This is absurd!” they thought. These “farmers” have it out for them. The only crimes they've ever committed were misdemeanors at most. The three blind mice were convicted but immediately requested an appeal. Their case was sent to be reviewed by the grand jury and a judge. Now all they had to do was convince them of their innocence. With little money to their names, they had to be represented by a public defender. As the prosecutor was reading their indictment, all they could think of was how in the world they had gotten to this place. They snapped out of their thoughts when the prosecution continued and a witness was called to the stand. “That’s impossible!” they all yelled in unison. Their lawyer has failed to mention this woman’s subpoena. They've never even heard of this woman until this day. The three blind mice knew they were seen as all but innocent at this point so they set up a plea bargain in exchange for information on a secret operation that these “farmers” were carrying out in their barn. No one believed their story when they were on the stand and after little deliberation, their verdict was read. “We the jury, find the defendants guilty on all charges of attempted murder as well as perjury.” Now, the three blind mice are rotting in the cell where the “farmers” should have been.