Room 3

December 15-19, 2014

What we will be learning this week...

· Language Arts Unit 3 Week 2

· Unit Theme: Have Fun Week Theme: Lets Laugh

- Vocabulary: connection, support, possessions, relief, typical

- High-Frequency Words (read): call, funny, how, more, so, there

- Spelling Words: like, spike, hide, bike, mine; make, came, how, there

- Grammar: Present Tense Verbs

- Skill: Make Predictions

Last week we participated in the Hour of Code. We watched two videos explaining how important coding will be to the future of today's youth. We spent the week playing and learning 4 different coding apps for primary students. If you would like to have your child practice at home, these are the apps we have been using; Scratch Jr, Daisy the Dinosaur, Kodable and Bee-Bot.

Thank you for joining us for the first grade show! The children did such an amazing job! I was so proud of them!! Thank You to the families that brought treats!

Today the children will be taking home Olive the Other Reindeer, it is a very cute story and I have added an activity sheet. Please read it with your child or have your child read it to you and return it on Friday for Book Club. It is a gift from Robby Day! On Friday, we will also have Game Day. Your child may bring in a game board-no electronics please.

Tuesday, Jenn Phillips will visit our class to make a rice crispy treat with the children.

Wednesday, Magda Barreda will do a holiday craft with the children.

Thursday we will celebrate some Mexican December traditions with hot ponche, and tamales. Mrs. Leverman (from room 16) and Mrs. Molina (Stephanie's mom) will share

holiday traditions with all the first grade classrooms.

You can still send in gently used books through Wednesday.

Did not bring the camera to send pictures of last week so I will include those in another newsletter.!! Thank You for all your support.


Sharon O'Brien