The Giver

By Eileen Alvarez

In Lois Lowry's best selling novel "The Giver" We are introduced to an amazing world where everything is beyond ordinary. In this community, everything is controled by one goverment leader, and people's unqiue diversity is taken away. We are also intrudced to Jonas, who unlike everyone else, Quetions the communitys ways. Jonas is now the Receiver of Memory and knows that there is a better way to live for his community, and he is more than determed to show his community how to live a better life. When this Novel was made into a major motion picture, many details were changed to have a diffrent effect yet the same message and storyline are in place. These changes make the movie more exciting experiece even though they are diffrent from the novel.

The Pill vs Injections

In The Giver book, when people start having "stirrings", They are given a pill to make them go away. As it turns out, Stirnings are feeling towards a person, and actally loving a person which is something the community doesn't want. An example of this from the book includes " Jonas, the feeling you described as the wanted, those are your first stirrings" (p 37) This created an affect that stuck "No feelings.....!!!!!!!!!!!" In the movie, the same affect was created but instead of pills, It's Injection, which created a stronger affect. I belive that the movie did a better job in creating the affect of no feelings by having the injections, People dont question the injections, they just take them. Injections make it seem more painful, which makes it seem as if the community will go to anything to have it be perfect. This is the effect it had on me and I feel as if it flowed easier than the pill did in the novel.

Asher's Job- Movie VS Book

In The Giver book, Everyone is assigned a job at the cermony of 12, Asher is assigned Director of Recreation. This job is fun and doesn't invloe anything dangerous. An example of this from the book includes "I' the one who's training fot Assistant recreation Director." (pg 134) Mean while in the movie, Asher is assigned pilot and is later sent to lose Jonas and make sure he fails to get to elsewhere. This creates much more tention between Asher and Jonas as we see Asher having to chosse between his friends or his resposbilites in the community. For me persoanaly, the movie had a better affect with this and it created more questions and tention. This seemed to flow easier in the movie and created more action unlike the book.

SYMBOL- The sled

The sled symbolizes quite a few things the The Giver, both in the book and the movie. The sled is Jonas' first memory and it's his first time experencing something his commmunity has out lawed. Jonas is given the memory of the sled more than once, One time begin cheerful and the next creating pain as he falls off the sled down the hill. The Sled also symbolizes color, because it is one of the things that turns red as Jonas begins to see color. The sled is a huge symbol in both The Giver book and movie.


Both The Giver book and Movie express the same Theme. " Pain is something no one wants to go through, but as it turns out, pain only makes us stronger." I believe this is a theme for The Giver because Jonas has had to go through alot of pain that no one in the community has gone through, and He learned that there's more to life than his Community lets him see. He now knows through all that pain that there's a better way to live and he can go through all the pain to make it for people to have a better way to live. This is how this Theme matches both The Giver movie and book.

Setting- The Community

The Setting of both The Giver book and Movie is this perfect community. There is no color, everything is in black and white. Everything is done for the people, the goverment chooses their spose, their kids, brings them their food, cleans for them, ext. They are also restricted from a lot of diffrent things, these include Having real feeling towards other people, breaking a set of rules set by the goverment and more. This setting seems un natural unlike our society, yet it is what leads the book into its amazing plot.