American cities

New York

Where will you go?

We will go to New York.

싸이 & MC 해머 뉴욕 타임스퀘어 무한도전 유재석, 노홍철, 하하

Why you want to go there?

Because the largest city in the United States and is famous.

What you will do?

First We will eat breakfst, sandwich and bread, with sunshine at Central Park in the morning.

Second We will go Korea Town for lunch. Third We will spend the time all night long furiously in the Times Square.

San Antonio

Where you will go?

We will go to San Antonio, Texas.

San Antonio, Texas

Why you want to go there?

Because San Antonio have a warm cilmate, and tourist industry development. Also We will go to see the alamo fights's remains.

What will you do?

Los Angeles

Where will you go?

We will go to Los Angeles, California

Why you want to go there?

Los Angeles calld variety's city. Because KoreaTown, Little Tokyo, ChinaTown, Mexican's OlveraStreet and latest trend, sensitive downtown are between closely buildings and the seaside with palm tree. So We want to go in that place.

What you will do?

We will play in a few days to go to Disneyland and we will be taking a lot of photos.

The next, we will see the other hand a movie at Hollywood(Famous movie). In the end, we will see the stars to go to the Griffith Observatory at night over the trip finish.