Elementary News

September 2020

Attendance is key for learning, and so is staying healthy!

Covid-19 has changed the way we do many things, and one of those is attendance. While attendance is key for learning, it is even more important that we stay healthy. Tri-County R-7 has made some changes to attendance policies that will allow for students to remain at home if they aren't feeling well.

If your student has any symptoms of sickness, and/or a fever, they should stay home. If you are awaiting Covid test results for someone in your home, it is best if all students stay at home also.Parents can write a note to excuse sick days. Students should be fever-free, without medication, for 48 hours to return to school.

Additionally, we have canceled the perfect attendance award.

A safe, healthy year is a high priority this year!

AMI - Alternative Method of Instruction

AMi is the plan to address at-home learning in case we cancel school due to weather or sickness. There are 2 ways we are doing that:

1) For many students (PreK - 2nd grade) that is a binder of worksheets with directions of which pages to do, based on what days we are out of school.

2) For students grades 3rd & 4th who have internet access, you will access your lessons online via Google Classroom. Your student(s) has a school email and will go to:

https://classroom.google.com/ to find their classes and assignments.

If a student in grades 3rd & 4th do NOT have internet access, a binder was sent home that has assignments.

Ways to receive communication with the school and/or teacher in case of a shut down:

Textcaster: http://my.textcaster.com/asa/Default.aspx?ID=6a3293f3-c9b5-46f1-b7f6-054f97e40ff2


Tri-County R-7 page is for all students & families

Preschool page is for preschooler parents

Kindergarten page is for kindergarten parents

First grade page is for first grade parents

Second grade page is for second grade parents

Staff Email : http://www.trico.k12.mo.us/staff-contacts

Remember: students must complete their AMI work to count for attendance for the days we are doing at-home learning. IF you have a binder, keep it in a safe place!

2020-2021 CLASSROOM TREATS: Due to Covid-19 any classroom treats sent to school must be prepackaged or from a store bakery.

2020-2021 When we work together, our students win!


A new school year has begun. It is always fun to see the students again, but this year even more so! We are settling into a routine and getting down to the business of learning. We have assessed our student's learning to see what areas they might need extra support and we reviewed the expectations of Tri-County R-7.

Our students are practicing how to be respectful, responsible, and safe.

Breakfast Routines in 2020

New routines for this year:

7:40 -8:00 Elementary Breakfast

8:00 - 8:15 Middle School Breakfast

8:15 - High School Breakfast-to-go

Upcoming Events:

  • September 7 No School
  • September 11 PBS Assembly (only for students)
  • September 14 No School/ Professional Development day for teachers
  • October 2 Early Out