Henry Ford

Ford Motor Company

Ford: A success story

Henry Ford got his start working for Thomas Edison. At this company, he began experimentation on gasoline engines. He then left the company and started his own business, but it was unsuccessful. He quickly moved on and began a new business. He was unsatisfied and left his own business. This company eventually became Cadillac. He then started over, and was this time a success. His cheap car sold to the middle class made him very rich. Ford's persistance through tough times and resiliency made him one of the greatest businessmen ever.

Qualities of an entrepreneur

1. Persistence: Continued going even when he was failing in business

2. Resilience: He bounced back after each failure very fast

3. A need for success: Ford did not strive for mediocrity and was constantly changing to be the best

4. Great idea: Found success in selling to the middle class to make money