If you want an amazing vacation you should travel to California. With its beautiful scenery and unbelievable temperature you would never get bored of swimming, sports and tourist places. So hurry up on get on down to California.

The water in California is like a hot tub you will want to swim for hours. There is also sports you could play on the water like beach ball toss, jet skiing, and maybe

even boating it all comes in the nice warm water. Oh wait, I hear that the Venice beach is good or how about Newport Beach I hear that's the nicest beach, around.

There is so much more you could even take a trip down just to go to Disneyland. For the awesome thrill ride on all of the roller coasters and why not take a look at the park or even better. Take a ride on the ferris wheel get a good look because once you go down y ou don't go back up unless you get back on that is.
Wow is it warm out here it would be great for sports here oh wait, I almost forgot about all of the sports here I could play. There's baseball, soccer, football, hockey, basketball almost every sport I could think of California has its looks but the sports make it even better. We also couldn't forget about our famous national teams theres LA Galaxy, from soccer what about baseball, Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem, so many famous teams this is a great place for all these famous teams to play.
So as you can see California has all of the things you could want on a vacation. With all of the swimming, sports, and tourist attractions you could never get bored here. So come on down to California for the most amazing vacation.