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Picture Yourself Growing in First Grade

1S Welcomes Ms. Gralish, our new student teacher!

1S is excited to welcome a student teacher, Ms. Gralish, to our classroom. Ms. Gralish will be joining us for the next 7 weeks to join us in our learning, to teach us, and to help us grow. She is a student at Rutgers University-Camden and we are happy to share our classroom with her. Please help me give Ms. Gralish a warm welcome if you see her at drop off or dismissal!

From Ms. Gralish...

Dear Students and Parents of 1-S,

My name is Madeline Gralish, and, starting this week, I will be in your classroom as a student teacher! I am so excited to get to know all of you over the next two months. I am a proud alumna of the Haddonfield School District; I went to Central School, then Haddonfield Middle School, and graduated from Haddonfield Memorial High School in 2009 (Go Dawgs!).

I am in my last semester at Rutgers University-Camden, where I am a music major and a childhood studies minor. When I’m not at school, I teach violin at Rutgers-Camden and in downtown Haddonfield. In fact, some of my violin students are students here at Tatem! I live in Haddonfield with my family, my three-year-old son, Henry, and three very lazy cats. In my free time, I enjoy reading, baking, and drawing. I also play the fiddle in a bluegrass band!

Thank you all (especially Mrs. Seymour) for welcoming me into your classroom! It’s wonderful to be able to student teach in the town where I grew up, and I look forward to a fun-filled time at Tatem.


Ms. G

Seuss Fantastic

Read Across First Grade was a huge success! Our class loved visiting the other first grade classes of Tatem. They were entertained by every first grade teacher as they enjoyed Dr. Seuss stories. We were able to interact with other first graders, and it was a great way to celebrate an exciting week dedicated to Dr. Seuss. Thank you for joining in the fun by sending your child dressed in Seuss gear!

To celebrate Read Across America, we also participated in a school wide hallway read! Every student and every adult enjoyed 15 minutes of reading at the same time! What a great way to show our love of reading and model that reading is important and valued in our community! What a great message for young readers!

Opinion Writing

We are well on our way in our opinion writing unit and we are excited to write our opinions down for others to read! Over the past two weeks, we have learned ways that strong writers convince their readers of their opinion. We write our opinion, give reasons to support our opinion and then give details! We learned how to disagree with someone in a respectful, thoughtful way and we use these disagreements to make our writing stronger!

Last week, we took a museum walk (see picture) to find a collection of a friend that interests us. After we found another interesting collection, we judged it fairly and began a new opinion piece practicing all of our opinion writing skills about our friend's collection! It was a really fun way to write and a great way to learn that every person has their own ideas and opinions and that is what makes the world a unique place!

This week, we are combining reading and writing to begin writing our opinion about our favorite sea animal after reading non-fiction texts about animal groups.

Everyday Math - Expanding our Number Sense Through Technology

This past week, our love and motivation in math is sky high! We participated in two more mystery number Skype sessions! First, we skyped with a class from Manitoba, Canada. We had a chance to view where they were on a map and learn a little about their community. We even compared their community to ours using a Venn diagram.

Second, we skyped with a class from New Orleans! We loved skyping with them and we both were very close in our number of guesses in figuring out our mystery number. The class from New Orleans had a loft built in their classroom that was FULL of LEGOS!!! Our first graders jaws hit the floor when they heard that! Oh, and it was exciting to learn that lacrosse is new to New Orleans and all the students in the school had just started playing and growing the sport! We are learning so much about communities, our country, and the world while building our number sense and problem solving! We love our mystery number skypes! This past week, we have introduced and practiced fact families and fact triangles.

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Everyday Math - Fact Power

Thank you for reviewing and returning our Unit 5 assessments. This week, we continued building fact power and number sense in Unit 6 with the introduction of fact families and fact triangles. We even enjoyed some fresh air and we used sidewalk chalk and dominoes to write fact families on Tatem's blacktop! Please continue to practice math facts at home!

In order to help build number sense, we began our new routine of completing name collection boxes to build numbers in new ways. Not only do we complete name collection boxes in our math journal, we work on name collection boxes by creating different numbers with our materials and manipulatives around the room. We take pictures of the numbers we make and we create picture collages using the app pic collage! We love doing this during Math Industries! It is a huge hit. What a great way to bring an everyday routine to life and make it more fun and engaging!

Cloud Classification

We are wrapping up our Weather Unit in Science! To finish the unit, we studied clouds! In the Science lab, we were given the task of classifying different types of clouds! We separated them into groups and then discussed who they were the same and different. Forecasting the weather is a hard job, but we learned the clouds can really help us tell what kind of weather we will experience! In our next unit, we will explore solids and liquids!

Reminders and Dates

*1S conferences will be held next week on 3/25 and 3/27! I look forward to meeting with you all. Click the link to sign up for a conference!

* The Scholastic Book Fair is COMING! Next week, on TUESDAY, 1S will be visiting the book fair during the school day. If you plan on sending your child to school with money, please put the money in an envelope with your child's name and amount on the envelope. Thank you in advance!

* The Book Fair Family Night is Wednesday, 3/25! You can visit the book fair to shop around together as a family!

* 3/20 - Last Day to Order Yearbook

* 3/23 - Report Cards Available for Viewing

* 3/27 - Tatem Talent Show (HMHS)

* 4/3 - School Open - 12:30 Dismissal

* Have you searched the hashtag #Tatemtigerpride on twitter? Give it a try and see all of the amazing things happening at Tatem School daily!

Specials Schedule

Day 1 - Art and Health

Day 2 - Music

Day 3 - Spanish

Day 4 - Spanish and PE (Please wear sneakers)

Day 5 - Library (please return library books this day)

Day 6 - PE

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