Newton's Laws of motion

by Jacob Bowen

1st law

1st law says an object in motion stays in motion and will not change direction or speed. For example if you take a garden hose and water a garden the water will move for only three thing gravity, pressure being released and hiting the wall (having to do with the 3rd law), all that are using force to move the water and the water doesn't move when it has reached the puttle. basically noting happens unless there is push and pull.


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2nd law

the force of the object is equal to the mass of the object. this one I don't get but a real example would be pushing a car and pushing a water bottle Let me explane, you can't push the car as fast because the amount of force reqiured is more than the water bottle because the mass is less basically the more mass the more force required to move it and make it accerate (both increace and decreace in speed)

3rd law

For every action there is an equal and oposite reaction. English, if force is aimed at something and is not enough to move it than it will push back harder like a bully. This can be viewed in rockets being launched as the rocket pushes on the ground and then lifts it's self.Another example is when you throw a water baloon at a water ans it splashes that is becuase it's ttransfering energyinto the wall and the wall is giving the energy back.

Throwing Water Balloons Against a Wall in High Speed/Slow Motion