San Francisco

"The Golden City"

A Golden City in many ways...

San Francisco is a beautiful city with a lot of friendly people. With all the sights to see, you and your heart will fall in love. Aside from its breathtaking beauty, there are several other benefits to living in San Francisco. For instance, there is the cheap, effective transportation via the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transportation). There is also a plethora of gourmet restaurants varying in price, as well as ample opportunities to attend sporting events and many other extra curricular activities around the Bay Area. You can hike up through Muir Woods, or just sit and have a picnic in one of San Francisco's many famous parks, such as Mission Dolores or Golden Gate. You can chose to watch a popular movie at Sundance theater, or get active and challenge one of the vast, awe inspiring golf courses in the Bay Area. Whether you choose to be entertained or entertain yourself, you will have no trouble finding something interesting to do in this city full of riches.