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April 4, 2023

From the Principal's Desk

Welcome back from Spring Break, 2023. I hope that every student at South enjoyed time with family last week and were able to get lots of rest before returning. This is our first week of ACAP (state) Testing. We will begin testing, Tuesday, April 4th starting at 8:30 am. The grades that will be taking the ACAP Summative tests are 2nd-6th grades. The only grades that will take the science portion of the test are 4th and 6th grades.

We had a pep rally in the gym before Spring Break to celebrate our students hard work and accomplishments. We played and danced to our school song; You Can be a Game Changer. We cheered for each other, had drummers from the high school perform for us, and listened to a wonderful motivational speaker. Our very own, Mr. Alexander reviewed 6 test taking tips and encouraged all the students to:

Game-Changing Test-Taking Tips

1) 1- The night before taking the test, please make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. This will help you stay alert and be fully awake the next day.

2) Eat a real good breakfast. This is important because you will not be hungry, and you can concentrate better.

3) Just before starting your test, please make sure that you listen carefully to all directions.

4) Please don’t rush. Be sure to read every single answer before choosing one. Please remember to take your time.

5) Please pay close attention to every word in the question. Sometimes questions can be tricky.

6) After you finish your test and if there’s time left, please make sure that you go back over all of your answers carefully and to also make sure that you have answered all questions. After you do that, YOU ARE ALL DONE!!

*Students, please remember to Do Your Best and Rock This Test!!


  • ATTENDANCE is so IMPORTANT! Please ensure your child is at school each day and on time.
  • PLEASE use the car rider line. The front parking lot NOT the drop off area. There is no adult supervision in this parking lot. This is to be used if you have an appointment with a staff member, or you are dropping off something that needs to be brought into the school. (projects, class items, etc.)
  • If you need to check your child out for a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, please do so by 2:00 pm CST.

Pre-K Drawing for 2023-2024 School Year

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STEM Show for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades

The Southern Research Institute came to South and engaged our students in a STEM Show Friday, March 17th. The students loved the experiments, and it reinforced the science standards our teachers have been teaching all year. Hope you enjoy watching the movie that was made during the show.


Summer Learning 2023



11th- Tuesday -ACAP Math Testing

12th- Wednesday -ACAP Math Testing & Track and Field Olympics @ Junior High

13th- Thursday- ACAP Science Testing (4th & 6th Grades)

20th- Thursday- Game Night (Make-It Take It Math Games- Title I) 5:30-6:30 cst

21st- Friday- Pre-K Field Trip to Choctafaula Farms

24th- Monday- Progress Reports Go Home

24th, 25th, 26th- Mon.-Wed.- Kindle Field Trip to Space Camp 6th Grade


1st-5th- Mon.-Friday- STAR Testing & Teacher Appreciation Week

1st-3rd- Mon.-Wed.-Kindle Field Trip to Marine Science Adventure 5th Grade

8th-12th- Mon.-Fri.- Bundle 7 Testing

10th- Wednesday- Field Trip (4th Grade) to Water Festival

11th- Thursday- Chess Tournament @ South (Kindle students)

12th- Friday- Field Day (weather permitting)

15th- Monday- Lunch with MOM (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

16th- Tuesday- Lunch with MOM (1st and 2nd Grades) - & Magic Show - Book Challenge

17th- Wednesday- Lunch with MOM (3rd and 4th Grades)

18th- Thursday- Lunch with MOM (5th and 6th Grades)

22nd- Monday- 6th Grade Celebration Junior High Auditorium @ 8:00 am

24th- Wednesday- Talent Show @ 1:00 pm

25th- Thursday- Last Day for Students & Report Cards Go Home