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Every Student, Every Day

1/2 Way?

We are at the half way point in the school year. For some that is a pleasant surprise and for others it is terrifying.

It is pleasant to think that we are half way and it has gone by quickly. Our students have learned so much, grown so much, and accomplished so much.

It is terrifying, because we have so much more to do, to teach, to accomplish.

However, we all know that our impact on our students does not "end", we don't simply "finish" in June. Our impact is far greater than that. We are giving them the tools, the strategies, the mindset that will carry them through what is next. The next school year. The next challenge. The next problem. The next crisis. The next accomplishment.

So while we are "half way" in terms of days. We are not even close in terms of lasting impact on our students. That never stops.

The PLC Mindset

Remember at the beginning of the year and how we discussed PLC and what that means for our campus? We discussed the "Big Idea" for our campus was: "We accept learning as the fundamental purpose of our school and therefore are willing to examine all practices in light of their impact on learning." At the PLC we discussed that this basically means "Every Student, Every Day". So everything we do we do with the student in mind. Whether it is having car pool duty to keep our students safe, to celebrating birthdays, to tutoring, to having meetings to discuss our own practices.

PLC is not a "thing". It shouldn't take up time, but it should impact what we do, how we do what we do, and how we think. PLC is a Mindset!

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Difference Makers

It is not a question of Will I make a difference? Rather, it's What difference will I make?

Difference Makers this week:

Lauren Bell- Always has an amazing work ethic and ready for anything we throw her way!

Coach Morgan- What other coach will dress like a duck just to make an impact? No other coach!

The Second Grade and First Grade Teams! They were "lucky enough" to get to model for a group of principal's how they plan and conversations they have while they plan. They did a great job! Second grade is modeling next Wednesday for all the principal's and the FISD curriculum department. No pressure!

Check out Mrs. Butterfield's kids sharing books!

Learning Walks

Big shout out to those of you that have been participating in learning walks.

So far Tim Crawford, Taylor Murray, Lexi Nelson, and Rachel Bledsoe have been able to watch other teachers on our campus and other campuses. We encourage all of you to participate! Thank you to those teachers who are open to being observed!

Next Week:

Monday: Name and Need

Wednesday: 2nd Grade Presenting at Administration