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Adding Value to Properties, from Gary Allen, Real Estate Developer

Gary Allen is a real estate developer celebrating over 40 years of industry success. After completing his degree, Gary Allen jumped into the real estate industry. He began work in 1971, and has only grown in his industry expertise and succession of completed development projects. Gary Allen has plenty of tips to share with others for adding value to your property.

Invest In Amenities

Gary Allen’s real estate career has largely included single-family home communities, where amenities are often the key to attracting buyers. While you might not need to build a clubhouse if you only have a small property or a single home, consider the smaller-scale amenities that you can provide. Depending on location, a swimming pool, an updated gourmet kitchen, or a deck might instantly increase the value of your home while simultaneously attracting potential buyers.

Ensure Constant Upkeep

Maintenance is another important part of increasing value, says Gary Allen, drawing from his real estate knowledge. Homes that are in good condition are worth far more than those that require repairs. Ensuring that upkeep is a constantly performed is a great way to avoid investing in big cleaning projects. While wear and tear on appliances, carpeting, and even walls and floors is inevitable, it’s much easier to replace these things when they are simply outdated, rather than in total disrepair.

Meet Buyer Expectations

Finally, meeting your buyer’s expectations is a good way to raise value, according to Gary Allen’s real estate experience. Make sure that the property fits in with the neighborhood – a home that is significantly different from the surrounding homes might not sell as easily as a well-integrated home, which might ultimately drive down the price. Additionally, make sure that the interior has all of the basics – laundry, a dishwasher, and air conditioning are standard in many areas, and homes without them will likely go for less.

Gary Allen, Real Estate Developer, on the Advantages of Waterfront Living

Gary Allen’s real estate career has focused on marketing and developing single-family home communities. Many of these communities are situated right on the water, or within a few miles of the shore of the southeastern coast of the United States, particularly in North and South Carolina. Gary Allen, real estate developer, highlights the benefits of waterfront living for anyone considering purchasing beachfront property.

Cooler in the Summer

For anyone familiar with the southeastern region of the United States, the word “summer” might bring a few words to mind: humidity, mosquitoes, high energy bills. Gary Allen’s real estate expertise with waterfront living has taught him a significant lesson. Living by the beach is far cooler in the summer than living further inland. Ocean breezes stir up stagnant air, and the coolness of the water can melt some heat away, too. You might even want to open up the windows, every once in a while!

Good for Your Health

Many of Gary Allen’s real estate clients have mentioned that they felt far happier and relaxed after moving to a waterfront property. It’s not surprising, given the beautiful scenery, the slower pace of life, and the tranquility of the ocean that people might feel like they’re in a better psychological state after moving to one of Gary Allen’s real estate holdings. Additionally, waterfront living gives you an opportunity to engage in countless kinds of physical activities, from walking to swimming to kayaking. Exercise is, of course, one of the main facets of good health.

Increased Privacy

Finally, many beachfront homeowners love the sense of security and privacy that comes as a part of their community. Especially for properties right on the water, it can be very comforting to know that there isn’t a “back way” into your house. Plus, because waterfront communities tend to be fairly exclusive, there’s a sense of having more privacy in general.

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Gary Allen and real estate go hand-in-hand. Gary Allen’s real estate career took off in 1971, and has been filled with ongoing success for four decades. Gary Allen has been a real estate developer with an eye for greatness throughout his career, and his 150-plus holdings have served as a consistent source of job creation for countless contractors, subcontractors, and regular employees. Gary Allen’s real estate career has primarily been focused in North Carolina, but he has completed development projects in several surrounding states.