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October Edition

Principal's Corner

We are very excited and thankful for all of our accomplishments thus far. At the beginning of the year, we adopted three power words: Accountability , Celebration, and Collaboration. We are working to implement these power words. The administration team has been visiting classrooms, and we are pleased to observe how our students are learning. Many of our teachers are celebrating success by showcasing student work in their classrooms. Our football team celebrated big wins against FBHS and WNHS. The College Board recognized many of our students for their academic achievements including a National Merit letter of commendation. We are looking forward to our homecoming week, which is Oct. 18th-23rd. Remember at Yulee High School, we Adapt and Conquer.

October 2nd is National Custodian Appreciation Day

The work they perform daily often goes unseen by many or thought of not as important which is very unfortunate. Our custodians are here when the sun comes up and don't leave until it goes down. They work endlessly to make sure OUR campus is clean and conducive for learning for students and teachers. That's why this day is so important as it recognizes the hard work that it takes to keep our public facilities up and running and the people who work so diligently make that happen, especially as we fight this battle with COVID and TicTok. So, please help us celebrate our custodial staff as we all know we could not do this without them!
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October is National Anti-Bullying Month

According to National Statistics:

  1. In the US, 1 in 5 students ages 12-18 has been bullied during the school year.[1]

  2. Approximately 160,000 teens have skipped school because of bullying.[2]

  3. Students who reported that they were frequently bullied scored lower in reading, mathematics, and science than their peers who reported that they were never or rarely bullied.[3]

  4. The most commonly reported type of bullying is verbal harassment (79%), followed by social harassment (50%), physical bullying (29%), and cyberbullying (25%).[4]

  5. Labeling an incident as bullying can be important because it influences whether students tell an adult, as well as how adults respond to the student’s report.[5]

  6. More than half of bullying situations (57%) stop when a peer intervenes on behalf of the student being bullied.[6]

  7. 6th grade students experience the most bullying (31%).[7]

  8. 70% of school staff have seen bullying. 62% witnessed bullying two or more times in the last month, and 41% witness bullying once a week or more.[8]

  9. Students are less likely to report bullying as they get older. Only 39% of high schoolers notified an adult of bullying.[9]

  10. 42% percent of students who reported being bullied at school indicated that the bullying was related to at least one of the following characteristics: physical appearance (30%), race (10%), gender (8%), disability (7%), ethnicity (7%), religion (5%), and sexual orientation (4%).[10]

  11. Over half of students ages 12-18 who reported being bullied believed their bullies had the ability to influence what other students thought of them. [11]


October 12th

Please help YHS by wearing BLUE October 12th and show your support with the fight against bullying.
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October 20th

October 20th is National Unity Day. Please show our YHS UNITY by wearing the color ORANGE!
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Suicide Awareness

September was National Suicide Prevention month. YHS had the honor of hosting Emma Benoit and Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare this past month with My Ascension. Emma is a suicide survivor herself and now spends her time spreading awareness and trying to reach as many people as possible. Emma took the time to leave an inspiring message of her own on our HOPE benches that were created last year in our 9th grade HOPE class.

Character Counts!

October 17-23 is National Character Counts! Week. Our David Yulee Chapter of the National Honor Society celebrates character by "catching" students demonstrating the Six Pillars of Character. During this week, teachers can give a Character Counts card to students showing any of the Six Pillars. The students can bring the card to the media center to receive a bag of candy as a "Thank You" for showing character. We also share motivational quotes about the Six Pillars of Character during our morning announcements.

Committed To Excellence

YHS teacher of the year

Congratulations to Mrs. Shelby Goodwin for being named Yulee High School's Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Goodwin is an English teacher and also coaches Cheerleading.
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YHS school related employee of the year

Congratulations to Mrs. Tammy West for being named Yulee High School's School Related Employee of the Year! Mrs. West works as a paraprofessional in our STARRS program.
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Amari Jennings, Jaiden Brown and Laura Reed were recognized as College Board National African American Recognition Program Scholars.

Alessia Chavez-Tafur, Micaela Chavez-Tafur, and Samuel Santana were recognized as College Board National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholars.

Alessia Chavez-Tafur, Micaela Chavez-Tafur, Amari Jennings, Jaiden Brown, and Samuel Santana were recognized for a second award as College Board National Rural and Small Town Recognition Program Scholars.

Nicholas Emerson received a Letter of Commendation in recognition of his outstanding academic promise from the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Hornet Heroes

Ms. Tiffany Bryant

She is our October Hornet Hero because she is always willing to help out wherever needed and never complains. She is a first year Algebra 1 teachers that brings a positive and cheerful attitude every day to the Math department. Thank you Ms. Bryant!
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Tyrese Sedwick

Tyrese is an 11th grader at YHS. He is a Hornet Hero because he always had a positive attitude no matter what. He always gives his best efforts in his classes and it shows. Thank you Tyrese!
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Our teacher mentor/mentee program

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CNA Class of 2022

The CNA Class of 2022 are in full swing. They have been working hard on bookwork, practicing skills, and working in our Access Point and STARRS classes.
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Building Construction Program

Mr. Avery and his students have been working with our Access Points students to help them build box cars with a racing ramp to use in their box car derby. They have also been busy building planters and benches to help beautify our campus.
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Coach Camp, Coach Crowder & Coach Williams

Our coaches working with our Hornets getting their physical education in and having some fun!

Great Decisions Club

Mr. Wykle and some YHS students discussed climate change with other high school students across the First Coast region on September 21st as part of the Great Decisions program sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Jacksonville. The YHS chapter of Great Decisions encourages student leaders to consider the present and future foreign policy challenges facing the United States.

ELA with Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Eckman

10th grade ELA classes are in Unit 2 this 9 weeks and the theme focuses on survival. They are reading short stories, non-fiction articles and poetry surrounding this theme. Mrs. Eckman and Mrs. Murray showed students a video on the Survivor Tree which survived the events of 9/11 and was replanted by the new memorial. After watching the video, students wrote messages of hope and encouragement on leaves to hang on our own survivor tree. If you could use an uplifting message, visit their tree between rooms 5-01 and 5-02.

ELA with Mrs. Goodwin

In this Law & Order inspired activity, Mrs. Goodwin’s AP Language students practiced with synthesis and argumentation, two of the core skills emphasized in the course exam description, with a hands-on murder mystery investigation! Students arrived to class to find a chalk outline and a mysterious murder scene ripe for investigation. Their stations included a detailed case file with various pieces of evidence and witness testimony/interrogation interviews. After carefully synthesizing all gathered information into a link analysis poster (a.k.a. “Crazy wall”) as well as participating in rigorous analytical discussions within their detective groups, they were tasked with composing an arrest warrant to charge one of the suspects. Day two required students to take on the role of attorneys and craft an opening argument either in defense of or in prosecution of one of the various characters from the crime scene!

Financial Literacy with Mrs. Stevenson

Students learning about personal finance in Mrs. Stevenson's class by participating in an interactive game teaching students how to live month to month with their paycheck.

Mr. Carp in AP Human Geography

Country poster project

  1. The students were assigned a country.
  2. As they learned a concept relating to population, they researched how that concept applied to their country.
  3. With that information, they created a poster.
  4. They were to include the raw numbers of their country's population increase or decrease, a population pyramid which illustrates population growth rates, where their country is on the demographic/epidemiological transitional model which can tell us how developed the country is, and whether migrants are coming to or leaving their country.

Testing information

Please check the flyer for ACT & SAT testing and registration dates.
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PSAT/NMSQT October 13th

The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) and PSAT 10 measure what students learn in school, determine if students are on track for college success, and open doors for opportunities to prepare and pay for college. 9th, 10th and 11th graders will test.

SAT Non College Reportable – Eligible Seniors October 13th

Seniors in need of a concordant score for a graduation requirement will be scheduled to take the SAT Non-College Reportable test on October 13. This test is only used to meet graduation requirements and cannot be used for college entrance. All students who take the SAT-NCR test will receive 50% additional time and must sit for the entire duration of the test.

October 28th

SAT school day

FAFSA night for Seniors

We will be hosting a FAFSA night for seniors and senior parents on October 4th hosted by the University of North Florida.

Based on the data from the state (Florida College Access Network), our completion rate for last year was 36.9%. We are participating in the Florida FAFSA Challenge with the goal to increase our completion rate by 5%!

A Remind went out as well as morning and afternoon announcements.

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Picture Information

Senior events calendar

Please check the calendar for dates pertaining to Seniors.
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Childhood Cancer Awareness

September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The Hornet family was tragically affected in 2019 when we lost one of our own students to Cancer. In remembrance of Buzz and his birthday, September 24th was YHS Fourth & Gold night. We were able to raise over $500 in donations for this awesome cause.
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Senior Night for Volleyball

Please help us congratulate our Senior Volleyball players. Christina and Elizabeth Jackson, Caroline Brackens and Kaylee Manning have been a huge part of our Lady Hornet Volleyball program and they will be sorely missed!

Senior night for swimming

Please help congratulate our Senior Swimmers for this year. They are Casey Gallagher, Alexis Mims, Dynasty Taylor, Holly Burtha, Lauren Johnson and Kole Robertson. Thank you for your hard work and leadership!

Coach Burch and his Pancake platoon

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Hornet football

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Homecoming 2021

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Fall Sporting Events

Varsity Football

Oct. 1 - Ribault @ YHS

Oct. 15 - @ Raines

Oct. 22 - Bradford @ YHS (Homecoming)

Oct. 29 - Trinity Catholic @ YHS (Senior Night)

JV Football

Oct. 10 - Charlton County @ YHS

Oct. 14 - Bolles @ YHS

Oct. 21 - @ Ed White

Oct. 28 - @ Charlton County


Oct. 2 - @ Bolles

District Tournament week of October 18th at YHS

Boys' Golf

Oct. 4 - West Nassau/Hilliard @ North Hampton

Oct. 6 - Bishop Snyder @ Bent Creek

Oct. 20 - Fernandina Beach @ FB Golf Club

Districts TBA

Girls' Golf

Oct. 4 - Hilliard @ North Hampton

Oct. 18 - Bishop Snyder/West Nassau @ North Hampton

Districts TBA

Cross Country

Oct. 5 - West Nassau Duels @ WN

Oct. 9 - Golden Eagles Invitational @ Ronnie Van Zant Memorial

Districts TBA

Girls' Basketball

Tryouts Oct. 25th

Boys' Basketball

Tryouts in November

Girls' Soccer

Tryouts Oct. 18th

Boys' Soccer

Tryouts Oct. 18th & 19th at YHS 4-6pm