By: Kristina Wu

Bunnies Must Think Before They Doodoo!

Once upon a time there was a bunny named Fluffy. Fluffy always thought she was the best bunny in Bunniville. One day another bunny named Sophie moved to Bunniville she was perfect in every single way. Fluffy and Sophie would often get into quarrels. they both wanted to be the best.

One day when Fluffy was hopping to school, she saw her best friend Marie Lou hanging out with Sophie. She stood there in shock "Now she wants to steal my friends!" she thought.Fluffy knew she had to do something about it so, one night she she quietly hopped over to Sophie's burrow. She saw Sophie sleeping soundly and knew it was her chance. She was shoving Sophie into a Bunny-bag when suddenly Sophie woke up! Sophie screamed and went to tell everyone that Fluffy was a bunny-napper! All Fluffy's friends turned on her and she was left thinking "what would have happened if she hadn't tried to hurt Sophie."